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24 Amazing Organization Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Do you have trouble coming up with different ways to organize the rooms in your home? Here’s a great list full of organization ideas to help you get your home clutter-free and organized so you can finally relax!

Clutter overwhelms me. It makes me feel like I’m in a tiny space with no room to move around freely.

Does clutter make you feel that way, too?

If so, you’re in the right place. I’ve put together this list of organization ideas just for you! Keep reading to find some amazing organization ideas for every room in your home.

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24 Amazing Organization Ideas for Your Entire Home
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Organization Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Organizing your entire home can feel a bit overwhelming. It’s a huge goal to take on. However, it’s not something you have to do all at once or even in a week.

Here are some tips to help you get started and not feel stressed while organizing your home:

  • Allow yourself time to accomplish your goal. The Spruce has a monthly home organization calendar and checklist, which is very helpful.
  • Make a list of every room in your home. Once you’ve written down a room, make a list of each area to be organized in that room. For example:
    • Kitchen: pantry, utensil drawer(s), pots and pans, Tupperware
    • Primary bedroom: side tables, closet
  • Place like items together. Pull everything out of the category you are working on from anywhere else it may be in your home. Example: All coffee mugs together, all your jeans together, etc. This makes it easier to see how many items in a category you have, making it easier to declutter and get rid of extras.
  • Label everything. If you’ve placed items in bins that aren’t easy to see through, add a label to them so you’ll know what’s inside.
  • Store things where they’re used. If something you use most in the living room gets stored in the bedroom, you’re likely never going to put it away. It’s just going to keep hanging out in the living room taking up space. Find a proper storage space for it where it’s used the most.
  • Tidy up a little bit each day. Even if you’re super tired at the end of a long day, doing just a tiny bit of tidying will help things stay organized.
  • Keep bins and baskets on shelves. When you’re doing a quick clean-up, having bins or baskets nearby will make the job quicker. Plus, bins make it easier to find things when you need them. (I love these from Target!)
  • Store away least-used items. Items that aren’t used often should be stored away so they’re not taking up space. These items include seasonal decor, seasonal or specialty clothing, luggage, sports equipment, small kitchen appliances, and dishes. And if you have items that have been sitting for a year or more without being used, donate them.
  • Purge before buying storage containers. You want to make sure you’re not using storage containers to “hide” things you don’t need. Purging helps you get rid of those items and then you will be able to know exactly how many containers you need.
  • Pretend you’re a guest in your home. Take a moment to step back and look at every room in your home as if you were a guest seeing it for the first time. Take note of anything a visitor might see, such as the pile of paper on the end table. Clutter often becomes a part of our homes and we tend to look right past it.
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Keeping a small bathroom organized can be quite a challenge. There are a lot of items that need to be stored in a bathroom, and most of them are used daily. This makes it easier to end up with a messy space that just doesn’t function very well.

After decluttering your bathroom, make sure every item has its own place. Here are some great bathroom organization ideas to help you save space:

bathroom organization ideas
images via Apartment Therapy | Clean & Scentsible | Amazon
  • Hang a long tension rod across your shower wall to hang things from. Use S-hooks to hang scrubbies and washcloths and other items that can hang. You can also hang a shower caddy for more shampoo and body wash storage. Clip-hooks can be used to hold personal care products in bottles.
  • Hang plastic baskets on the inside of your cabinet doors using command hooks to store smaller items such as hair accessories, nail clippers and files, etc.
  • Hang an over-the-door organizer over the back of your bathroom door to increase storage space.

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Organization ideas for a bedroom can be a little overwhelming depending on the size of the room. For instance, I’m much better at organizing in small spaces so larger spaces intimidate me. The biggest tip for organizing a small bedroom is to make use of every space from floor to ceiling.

First, declutter your bedroom and donate things you haven’t used or clothes and shoes that no longer fit. After decluttering, use the following organization ideas to maximize the space in your bedroom:

bedroom organization ideas
images via Walmart | The Happy Housie | Houzz
  • Take advantage of the space under your bed. There’s plenty of space under there, so use it! Here are some examples of items to store under your bed:
  • Use up every bit of your closet space. Closet organization ideas are endless and if you use your creative imagination you can have a closet that works for you no matter what size it is.
    • Use tiered hangers to hang pants
    • Hang an adjustable closet rod to save space
    • Stack bins on shelves to store scarves, gloves, etc.
    • Hang hooks on closet walls to hang belts and other items
    • Use command hooks to hang necklaces
  • Look up! The space above your bedroom door is perfect for adding a shelf and storing items you don’t use often.

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There are so many great organization ideas for kitchens. Searching through Pinterest will give you tons of kitchen organization tips.

After giving your kitchen a good clean and declutter, start thinking about how you’re going to organize your kitchen. Here are some of my favorite small kitchen organization ideas:

kitchen organization tips
images via Stow & TellU | Alexandra’s Kitchen | Apartment Therapy
  • Add a makeshift pantry. If you have a wall with empty space, add some shelves to turn it into a panty. Or use a hall closet or other space in your home somewhat near the kitchen as a pantry. A metal shelving unit also makes a great makeshift panty in a small kitchen if you have the extra space.
  • Hang pots and pans from a pegboard. Adding a pegboard to a blank wall or even under cabinets is a huge space saver. It frees up cabinet space, leaving room for other items.
  • Make use of every part of your cabinet. Here are some examples:
    • Use shelf risers to add a faux shelf
    • Hang measuring cups and spoons from hooks on the back of the cabinet door
    • Place rarely used items in bins or baskets on top of kitchen cabinets

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Living Room

Most of us spend a lot of time in our living rooms watching tv, relaxing, or hanging out with family. Living rooms also tend to get cluttered easily because they can become drop-off zones.

To keep your living room organized, first, do a quick declutter and take items to rooms they belong in. Get rid of trash and donate anything you haven’t used in a long time. Then use these storage ideas for living room organization:

living room organization
images via Decoist | Havenly | Family Handyman
  • Use a storage ottoman as a coffee table. Use the ottoman to store blankets, throw pillows, movies, and even books inside. You can always set a tray on top to hold decorative items such as vases and candles.
  • Hang floating shelves in corners where furniture won’t fit.
  • Hang long shelves along the wall behind your couch for books, picture frames, and other decorative items instead of taking up space with a bookshelf.

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Home Office

Working from home can be comfortable and productive unless your workspace is a hot mess. Take the time to declutter your home office and get your paperwork organized. Follow these tips for some amazing home office organization ideas:

home office organization ideas
images via HGTV | One Crazy House | House Mix Blog
  • Use the wall space above your desk to hang filing systems, calendars, lists, notes, whiteboards, and more.
  • Place a rolling cart beside your desk to put notebooks, books, pens, etc. on instead of cluttering up your desk.
  • Turn a wooden tray upside down to set your computer monitor on for better posture, plus hide extra cords.

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Laundry Room

Most people don’t like doing laundry because it’s time-consuming. But honestly, I’d rather be doing laundry than cleaning toilets or cat litter boxes. Because while a machine is washing my clothes for me, I can either do other chores or relax with a good book.

For those laundry haters, maybe having an organized laundry room would help make doing laundry a little better. Here are some amazing laundry room organization ideas that might help:

laundry room organization ideas
images via House Beautiful | Wallmart | Just a Girl & Her Blog
  • Hang a rod in your laundry room and keep clothes hangers on it. Once you take clothes out of the dryer that needs to be hung up in a closet, hang them up immediately instead of folding them. Then carry them to the closet to be hung when you get a chance.
  • Place a hamper organizer by your washing machine to make it easier for everyone to sort their laundry. And make it easier on you to wash it all.
  • Make your own laundry shelf (instructions here) to put above your washer and dryer for extra storage.

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Garage organization may seem like such an overwhelming task, which is why it keeps getting put off. It’s not something that needs to be done in one day, however. If you have a big garage filled with lots of stuff, take a weekend to go through all that stuff and throw away broken items or donate (or sell) unused ones. Then take the next weekend to work on garage organization with these fantastic garage storage tips:

garage organization ideas
images via Homemade Lovely | Pinterest | Family Handyman
  • Add a pegboard with hooks and baskets to hang smaller tools, cords, and gardening tools.
  • Store bulky items vertically: hang ladders from utility brackets and stack totes on shelves.
  • Use the garage ceiling to store light and medium weight totes that contain seasonal items like holiday decorations. Learn how to build your own sliding garage storage system here.

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Basements are one of those rooms that can become a catch-all room from shoes and boots to exercise and sports equipment. It is possible to turn your basement into a wonderfully organized space with just a little time and effort.

Start by decluttering your basement and getting rid of stuff you no longer need or haven’t used in a year or longer. Throw away broken or destroyed items. Next, choose a specific purpose for the room. Do you want to use it as a storage space? A game room? A home gym?

Here are some basement organization ideas to help you out:

basement organization
images via The Spruce | So Much Better With Age | My Domaine
  • Store items in clear plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes so you can see what’s inside easily. Plastic containers will also protect your items from moisture, humidity, heat, and pests.
  • Invest in shelving that fits nicely along walls to store bins and loose items. Or build your own shelves.
  • If you plan to use your basement as a hangout space, consider using cabinets for storage. Save cabinets from a kitchen remodel or check out local habitat stores or thrift stores for cabinets. If you know a friend or family member who’s doing a kitchen remodel, ask them if you can purchase their old cabinets.

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Do you have some easy home organization ideas, tips, or hacks? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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24 Amazing Organization Ideas for Your Entire Home

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