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Bedroom Organizing Ideas That Will Work for Anyone

Organizing a bedroom, no matter what size, doesn’t have to be a hard task. The simpler, the better. These bedroom organizing ideas that I’m sharing will work for anyone!

Bedroom Organizing Ideas

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Researching bedroom organizing ideas will get you a lot of results (about 51,300,000).

A lot of organizing ideas don’t make sense for everyone. For example, I came across a tip that tells you not to get rid of your mountain of shoes. You should instead line the shoes all up nicely by color and style.

If you’re like me your bedroom isn’t big enough for a mountain of shoes. (Wouldn’t that be nice?)

The bedroom organizing ideas I’m going to share with you make sense and should work for just about anyone, no matter the size of your bedroom.

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Bedroom Organizing Ideas

Hang up your jewelry

Perhaps you don’t have room for a jewelry box or your jewelry has outgrown its box. Consider hanging your jewelry on the wall. An idea I’ve seen recently is to string wire across the back of a picture frame to hang earrings from.

Years ago I hung a small towel bar on my bedroom wall to hang necklaces from. Jewelry can also be hung on the wall in your closet if you have the space.

Overcome Your Shoe Pile

If shoes are taking up a lot of space in your bedroom, consider getting a hanging shoe organizer that goes over the door. It can be placed over the back of the bedroom door or closet door. Invest in a shoe rack that fits on the floor of your closet to line your shoes neatly on. I keep my shoes in plastic shoe boxes under my bed.

Make Use of the Space Under Your Bed

The space under your bed is like an extension of your closet. Storage is hidden away neatly and is close by if you need it. Storing seasonal clothing under the bed allows you to rotate them easily as seasons change. Bedding is another great option to store under your bed.

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Invest in a Bedside Pocket Caddy

Bedside pocket caddies are excellent ideas for keeping your phone, books, and magazines off your nightstand. They fit right over the side of the bed and keep items stored away nicely. You can buy one or make your own.

Use the Closet Door

We’ve already talked about installing a hanging shoe organizer, but the closet door can be used for so many different things. Install a small towel bar to hang accessories from or hang your boots from it. Hang wire baskets to place purses and bags in. Put a wreath hook over the door to hang the next day’s outfit. The possibilities are endless!

Hang Photos and Artwork on Walls

Hanging artwork and photos on the walls keeps them off dressers and nightstands. Your bedroom will look more organized if these spaces are clean and free of clutter.

decorated dresser for bedroom organizing ideas

Put Up a Blanket Rack or Ladder

I’m kind of addicted to throws, even though I don’t have room for a lot of them. A blanket rack solves this problem and keeps blankets and throws from being tossed on the floor. Thrift stores and antique stores are the best places to find blanket racks.

A few years ago, my husband made me a blanket ladder that I keep in the living room because there’s no space in my bedroom. It’s perfect for keeping extra blankets on or displaying my favorites.

Have a Designated Basket for Pillows

Throw pillows make a bed look so comfortable, but you can’t sleep with all those pillows. However, baskets work great to hold throw pillows while you’re sleeping. The baskets can double as a laundry basket on days you wash the bedding.

Keep Your Closet Under Control

Even if your bedroom is super organized and tidy, a messy closet will disturb the calm. Keeping your closet organized will help make the entire room feel organized.

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Organizing a small closet

Keep a Clutter-Free Night Table

A small, slim night table with drawers doesn’t take up a lot of space and can store items that you would normally keep on the table. Putting items away in the drawers hides them and makes the room look less cluttered and more organized.

Have a Hamper

No matter where you put it, having a hamper in your bedroom is a good idea. Just toss your clothes into the hamper instead of all over the bedroom.

Have a Trashcan

A small trashcan in the bedroom makes it easier to throw away tissues, receipts, or other small pieces of trash. Before going to bed, empty your pockets and throw away the trash right away.

Add a Storage Bench

If you have enough space in your bedroom, add a storage bench at the foot of your bed. This is a great spot to store extra bed linens, out of season clothing, or all those extra blankets and throws.

Sure it would be nice to have an HGTV-style organized bedroom, but that’s not possible for most of us. My old house has small rooms so I have to work with what I have. Not to mention I really don’t have the budget for an immaculate closet organizer or expensive furniture to store my mess.

I hope these bedroom organizing ideas have inspired you to get your bedroom organized to a way that works for you!

What is your favorite bedroom organizing idea? What are some ways you organize your items?

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Bedroom Organizing Ideas
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