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Ways to Save Money in the Laundry Room

Laundry isn’t the best of all the chores, and it can be expensive. However, there are ways to save money in the laundry room. Keep reading to find out how!

ways to save money in the laundry room

Let’s face it, laundry isn’t exactly on anyone’s favorite chores list. Not to mention that washing machines and dryers are very expensive to operate. Doing a few loads of laundry each week can get expensive.

To compare, a standard refrigerator uses 596 kilowatt-hours (kwh) while the washer uses 590 kwh and the dryer uses 769 kwh. That’s a lot of energy being used when drying your clothes!

However, there are ways to save money in the laundry room. As an added bonus, these suggestions will also give your clothes a longer lifespan.

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Ways to Save Money in the Laundry Room

1. Use cold water

Washing your clothes with cold water saves a ton of money on your energy bill. Using cold water instead of hot saves you about 40 cents per load. Plus, most liquid laundry detergents now are made to clean in cold water.

2. Use the washer’s high-speed spin cycle

If your washer has a high-speed or extended cycle setting, use it. This helps remove as much moisture as possible, which reduces the drying time.

3. Fill up the washer

No matter what size load you are washing, your washing machine uses the same amount of energy. Take advantage of that fact and fill up the washer. This also saves you from having to do more loads than necessary.

4. Don’t fill up the dryer

A dryer that’s too full will take longer to dry the clothes, yet so can a load that’s too small. You need to use the right-sized load for your dryer. Only drying a few things at a time ends up costing you more per item.

5. Air-dry when possible

Whenever you can, air-dry your clothes. Not only will you be saving a lot of money each year on your energy bill, but your clothes will also last longer, too. And that saves you a lot of money on your shopping bill.

6. Use dryer balls

Wool dryer balls cut drying time because they separate your clothes allowing more air to get to them. They also absorb some of the moisture, therefore cutting even more drying time.

Don’t have wool dryer balls? Crumble up a piece of aluminum foil into a ball and use that instead.

7. Take advantage of a warm dryer

Switch out the laundry loads while the dryer is still warm. That way you can use the remaining heat left inside the dryer for the next cycle.

8. Keep your dryer clean

Make sure to clean the dryer’s lint filter after every load and give it a scrub once a month if you use store-bought dryer sheets. Maintaining your dryer will extend the machine’s life and keep you safe. (Click here to learn how to thoroughly clean your dryer.)

9. Use lower heat settings

When drying your clothes, use a lower heat setting. This will use less energy and reducing the risk of over-drying your clothes.

10. Separate your loads

Towels and heavier items should be dried separately from lighter-weight clothing. Heavier items take a lot longer to dry and drying them separately means you’re not wasting energy on lighter clothes that are already dry. (Click here to learn how to separate your clothes the right way.)

11. Invest in ENERGY-STAR machines

ENERGY STAR washers and dryers use less energy than standard models, saving you a lot of money on your energy bill each year. Their washers use around 25% less energy and the dryers use 20% less. The washers use less water, too. ENERGY STAR washers save you up to $370 in energy costs and the dryers save around $215. (Sources: here and here)

12. Sign up for a rewards program

See if your utility company has a time-of-day program for you to sign up for. These programs offer lower energy costs during certain times of the day. You can plan to do your laundry during these times, costing you less on your energy bill. Contact your utility company for more information.

13. Use the cool-down cycle

If your dryer has a cool-down cycle, use it. This cycle lets the clothes to finish drying using the remaining heat in the dryer.

14. Use the moisture sensor option

Some dryer models have a moisture sensor option, which automatically turns the machine off when the clothes are dry.

15. Make your own laundry products

Making your own laundry products will save you money and keep your family safe from harsh chemicals. You can make your own laundry detergent for only 9 cents a load! Also, make your own laundry scent boosters and dryer sheets.

16. Don’t wash unnecessary items

When your laundry is done, put it away immediately. Don’t toss it on the bed or in a chair to be left for later. The clean clothes can get confused with dirty clothes and may get rewashed when they’re already clean.

Also, not everything needs to be washed after only one wear, especially jeans. (Click here to learn more about giving your clothes a longer lifespan.)

17. Keep your washing machine clean

You would think the washing machine would be cleaning itself, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Keeping your washing machine clean is just as important as keeping your dryer clean. Click here to see exactly how to clean your washing machine and how often.

I’m sure these are not the only ways to save money in the laundry room. However, the more of these tips you use the more money you’ll be saving each year. And you’ll be extending the life of your clothes, too, saving money on your shopping bill.

Do you have any extra money-saving tips you’d like to share? How do you save money in your laundry room?

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ways to save money in the laundry room

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