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How to Have a Clutter-Free Bathroom Quickly

Continuing on with the clutter-free series, this weekend we will tackle the bathroom clutter. Let me show you how to have a clutter-free bathroom quickly!

How to Have a Clutter-Free Bathroom Quickly

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If you are just seeing my blog for the first time, last week we discussed clutter and how overwhelming it can be. We talked about how to have a clutter-free bedroom quickly and how decluttering doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

For those that saw last week’s post, how did you do on last week’s bedroom declutter challenge? Did you make any progress? I got rid of a lot of stuff from my bedroom and it feels a lot less overwhelming in there now. There is more of a calm and peaceful feeling when I walk into my bedroom now that all the clutter is gone.

This is part one of my clutter-free home series. To grab the checklists that go along with this series, click on the image below.

clutter-free printables

My Cluttered Bathroom

This weekend we are going to tackle the bathroom clutter. I have cabinets in my bathroom where I keep sheets and towels, hair products, bath products, first aid supplies, and so much more stuff. It can get crazy in there! Take a look for yourself!

Messy Bathroom

(I started organizing the top shelf before I remembered to take a picture!)

See all the chaos? Don’t ask me how in the world I ever found anything in there. So how do you have a clutter-free bathroom? Let me tell you!

How to have a clutter-free bathroom quickly


  • Take everything out. You can put everything in a laundry basket, in the bathtub, on the floor… I don’t care, just empty the cabinets.
  • Clean off the shelves if needed
  • Put some type of organizing containers in the cabinets. I use these cute little cube storage containers.
  • Go through your items and toss anything that has expired.
  • Get rid of lotions or anything that has just a drop in it.
  • Do you have a ton of free samples that came in the mail a year ago? Toss them!
  • You can donate perfumes or body sprays or anything that is almost full that you never plan to use.
  • Get rid of old toothbrushes. (Or reuse them for cleaning!)
  • Start putting things into the containers in some sort of order. I put toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes in one container. In another, I put hair styling appliances. Lotions go in a separate container. You get the point.

Linen Cabinet/Closet

  • Take everything out.
  • Sort through the bedding and toss anything that is worn out (or rip up sheets to use as cleaning rags!)
  • Donate any old blankets that you never plan to use again
  • Sort through your bathroom towels and washcloths. If they are gross, toss them! You can replace these for pretty cheap.
  • Start putting them back into the closet. (I fold my sheets Martha Stewart style and put them into storage baskets.)

Under the sink

  • Take everything out
  • Get rid of anything that has expired if necessary
  • Wipe the shelf clean
  • Use organizing containers to put your stuff back in, such as bathroom cleaners, extra toilet paper rolls, etc.


  • If you have kids, then you probably have bath toys. Toss any that have mold on them!
  • Toss any shampoo bottles and conditioners that have less than one use left
  • If you have small pieces of soap lying around, put them in a reusable drawstring soap bag so they don’t go to waste.
  • Toss any old or rusty razors


  • Clear everything off the sink
  • Wipe it clean
  • Only keep things on your sink that you use on a daily basis
  • Get rid of expired makeup
  • Place makeup brushes upside down in a container half full of pebbles (Reuse old candle containers for this! Clean out the wax, put some pebbles from Dollar Tree in the container, and put your brushes in!)

Try this Natural DIY All-Purpose Spray recipe when cleaning your bathroom!

Easy Bathroom Organizing Hacks

  • Attach a metal strip to the inside of your cabinet door to hang tweezers, nail clippers, or bobby pins.
  • Install a shelf above your bathroom door to store extras like toilet paper, cotton balls, q-tips, etc.
  • Hang your cleaning products on a tension rod under your sink
  • Install multiple towel racks on the back of the bathroom door to hang towels

Now you have a clutter-free bathroom! And it didn’t take that long! The whole process does not need to be overwhelming and the end result will make you feel so much better! Now light that candle, grab a glass of wine, and soak in a warm bath. You deserve it.


Don’t forget to grab your clutter-free bathroom checklist! Mark everything off as you go so you can have a clutter-free bathroom this weekend!

What are your best tips for having a clutter-free bathroom?

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