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DIY Dollar Tree Nail Polish Organizer

Organize all of your nail polish bottles in one place with this easy-to-make DIY Dollar Tree nail polish organizer!

Dollar Tree Nail Polish Organizer

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There’s just something so refreshing about a new year. It’s like a chance to start over. Personally, I like to start the year off by getting things organized within my home. I’m not a fan of clutter and things being out of order. It’s just so overwhelming because it’s harder to find things when you’re looking for them.

When Jodi from the House house blog came up with a DIY organizing challenge, I knew exactly what I was going to make. Jodi’s hosting our monthly DIY challenge for the month of January, so be sure to check out her blog. She has some great DIYs and tips!

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January Challenge

DIY Dollar Tree Nail Polish Organizer

I’ve always kept my nail polish in a plastic storage container under my bathroom sink or in the bathroom cabinet. However, since it’s all together in a small container, I can never see all the colors. Sometimes I buy a polish just to use it once or twice and then forget about it because it’ll get pushed to the back of the plastic container and I can’t see it.

So I needed to figure out a better way to organize my nail polishes so I can see more than just the ones that made it to the front row. Jodi’s organizing challenge idea couldn’t have come at a better time! A couple of months ago I bought 3 wooden trays from Dollar Tree and my husband picked up some paint stir sticks from Lowe’s. Keep reading and I’ll show you how I turned those pieces of wood into a Dollar Tree nail polish organizer.

What you need:

Here’s a list of everything you will need to make your own DIY Dollar Tree nail polish organizer:

Materials Needed for Dollar Tree Nail Polish Organizer

What you do:

Step 1

Tip: Before starting any staining or painting, be sure to cover your work area. I use an old bed sheet and a plastic Dollar Tree table cloth, especially when I’m staining. Also, I like to wear gloves while staining wood because I tend to get stain all over my hands.

First, stain all 3 wood trays and all 4 wood paint stir sticks. I have no idea what color the stain was that I used. It was actually leftover stain from when we refinished the hardwood floors in our bedroom.

To stain the wood trays and stir sticks, use a sponge brush to apply the stain generously. Then use a rag, such as an old t-shirt, to wipe the excess stain off.

After all the pieces have been stained, let them dry completely before gluing.

Tip: If you would rather paint the Dollar Tree nail polish organizer instead of staining, I would suggest painting last after the entire thing is assembled to make it easier.

Step 2

After the stain has dried, it’s time to start gluing the pieces together. I used Elmer’s wood glue for a strong, long-lasting hold.

To glue the paint stir sticks to the wood trays, I started with the bottom tray and worked my way up. I lined up the bottom of 2 stir sticks with the bottom of one of the wood trays on one side. After they were lined up, I glued the sticks to the tray.

Next, I lined the top of another wood tray up with the top of the stir sticks and glued the tray down. Then, I eyeballed where I wanted the middle tray to go, and glued that one down as well. I used clamps to hold the trays in place while the glue dried.

Step 3

After the glue has completely dried (follow drying instructions on glue label), you can start organizing your nail polish bottles!

This is so easy to make! Other than waiting for the stain (or paint) and glue to dry, this is such an easy organizing project. Here are some other ways you can use your Dollar Tree nail polish organizer:

  • hair ties and clips
  • plastic spoons, forks, and knives
  • organize pudding boxes, Jell-O boxes, Kool-Aid packs, hot chocolate packs, etc.

Those are only a few examples. What would you use the nail polish organizer for?

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Dollar Tree nail polish organizer

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