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Maximize Your Bathroom Storage Space with These Great Target Finds

Have all the bathroom things completely taken over your bathroom? Learn how to maximize your bathroom storage space with these great Target finds!

During the pandemic, we spent much more time at home than anywhere else. During that time spent at home, we did a lot more online shopping than any other year in history. And with all that online shopping comes stuff, which can equal clutter.

Has your home become a storage unit for clutter?

What about your bathroom with all that extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies?

Bathroom storage can be a little tricky to figure out, especially if you have a small bathroom. However, it is possible to find a home for all your bathroom products to keep them organized in a small space. Learn how to maximize your bathroom storage space with the best bathroom organizing products from Target.

Maximize Your Bathroom Storage Space with Target

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Target Products to Help You Maximize Your Bathroom Storage Space

After purging and cleaning your bathroom, it’s time to find a home for everything you have left. Thankfully, Target has some great organizing products for cheap that will help you maximize your bathroom storage space.

Over the toilet shelf

When it comes to a small bathroom, the best way to maximize your storage space is to think vertically. The wall behind the toilet often goes unnoticed or instead gets filled with fun bathroom signs. Adding a shelving unit or individual shelves above the toilet will allow you to store so many more items. You can add bins to hold smaller items, too. And you can still have your fun bathroom signs.

Here are some great over-the-toilet shelf options:

over the toilet shelves to maximize your bathroom storage space

1. 4-Tier Space Saver | 2. Floating Wall Shelves | 3. Wood and Metal Wire Wall Shelf
4. 2-Tier Wall Shelf | 5. Glass Wall Shelf | 6. Over-the-Toilet Space Saver by Medina

Bathroom Storage Under the Sink

No matter how neatly you place items under the bathroom sink, you still aren’t taking full advantage of all the space. Drawers and/or stackable containers will keep your products organized and make things easier to find. And don’t forget to take advantage of the space behind your bathroom cabinet doors, too.

Here are some under-the-sink storage ideas I love:

Under sink bathroom organizers

1. 2-Tier Organizer with Dividers | 2. Large Stackable with Drawer | 3. 2-Tiered Slide Organizer
4. Slide Out Vanity | 5. Over the Cabinet Wood Shelf | 6. 4-Drawer Organizer

Bathroom Cabinet Organizers

If you have cabinets in your bathroom, then you need to have cabinet organizers to keep your like items together. Cabinet organizers allow you to see everything at once, so products don’t get shoved behind others only to be found years later. Cabinet organizers also make things easier to access as soon as you need them.

Here are some great options:

(I love the lazy Susan idea for makeup storage! That’s on my list!)

Bathroom Cabinet Organizers

1. Spinning Turntable | 2. Wire Basket | 3. Stackable Bin with Lid
4. Makeup Storage | 5. Bath Basket | 6. Plastic Storage Bins

Rolling Carts and Stand-Alone Drawers

When you’re short on cabinet space or have no cabinets at all in your bathroom, you may need to get a little more creative. One way to maximize your bathroom storage space is to add a rolling cart or stand-alone drawers.

My daughter and I both have rolling carts in our bathrooms and they work so well at holding our towels, washcloths, and bathroom “extras”.

Here are some other great options to think about:

Rolling carts and stand alone drawers

1. 3-Tier Metal Utility Cart | 2. 3-Tier Round Metal Utility Cart | 3. 3-Tier Plastic Utility Cart
4. Drawers w/Organizer Top | 5. Basket Drawers | 6. Accent Chest with Baskets

Vanity Trays

Vanity trays can be used as decorative items in your home, but they also work very well at keeping your items organized. If space allows, put a vanity tray on your countertop to keep items looking neat and organized. Vanity trays are perfect for holding fragrances, jewelry, makeup, hand towels, and anything else you want to keep organized on your bathroom counter.

Some tips for vanity trays include:

  1. Start with a large tray as a base.
  2. Add a small dish or bowl.
  3. Use a vase for height (and add your favorite flowers!)
  4. Use canisters for items you use every day.
  5. Add a pretty candle with your favorite scent.

These vanity trays are so pretty:

Maximize your bathroom storage space with vanity trays

1. Ceramic Vanity Tray | 2. Vanity Tank Tray | 3. Block Print Vanity Tray
4. Marbled Vanity Tray | 5. Clear Vanity Tray | 6. Wire Vanity Tray

Do you have a favorite way to maximize your bathroom storage? I’d love to hear some of your best bathroom storage tips!

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Maximize Your Bathroom Storage Space with these Target Finds

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