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How to Maximize the Storage Space Under Your Bed

Learn how to make the most out of the space you have under your bed. Follow these tips on how to maximize the storage space under your bed and cut clutter for good!

How to Maximize Storage Space Under the Bed

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We’re back in the bedroom today where we are going to organize using the space under the bed. After learning how to clean the bedroom in just 15 minutes, we can now start putting some things away neatly.

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A bed takes up a lot of space in a room, so why not take advantage of all that space underneath it?

If you have limited closet space for storage, the space under the bed provides extra storage space. It keeps less-used items out of sight and put away neatly.

As with any other space in your home, make sure to keep under the bed storage clean and organized. That means keeping the dust bunnies away and putting things back in their place after they’ve been used.

Ready to get started?

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What do I store in the space under the bed?

Think about the items you want to have accessible on a regular basis, or even seasonally. Since the space is hidden it doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it does need to function well.

In the master bedroom:

Consider these items when using the storage space under the bed in the master bedroom:

  • Luggage: You can even store things inside your luggage to save on space.
  • Linens: Keep your extra sheets, pillow cases, and blankets right under the bed for easy access.
  • Clothing: Keep your out of season clothing stored under the bed and switch them out easily when the seasons change.
  • Shoes: Store the shoes you wear less often under the bed.
shoe storage under the bed

In the kid’s room:

Kids have a lot of stuff, so using the space under their bed makes a lot of sense. Teach them how to organize but let them come up with their own method. This will ensure that the storage space will stay organized. Consider these items to store under their bed:

  • Puzzles or games: Puzzles can be removed from their boxes and placed in Ziploc bags to save space. Cut the picture of the puzzle out of the box it comes in and place it in the front of the bag with the puzzle pieces.
  • Toys: Keep toys that are often used under the bed for easy access.
  • Books: Take an old drawer and put wheels on the bottom and store books in it with spines facing up.
  • Clothing: Store out of season clothing under the kids’ beds as well.
Storage space under the kid's bed

In the guest room:

Since the guest room usually doubles as an extra bedroom in most homes, this is the room you can really get creative in. Consider storing these items under the guest bed:

  • Gift wrap and greeting cards
  • Craft supplies
  • Extra linens and towels for guests
  • Video games, DVD’s, books
gift wrap storage under the bed
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What can I use to store my stuff in?

There are so many types of storage options to use for storing items in the space under the bed. Some of my favorite are:

  • Drawers with wheels: If you don’t have an old drawer to use, you can make your own. Life Storage Blog has a great DIY tutorial here.
  • Storage bags: Storage bags are perfect for storing items like out of season clothing and linens. I have also used them to store baby doll clothes when my daughter was little.
  • Scrapbook storage boxes: Plastic storage boxes for scrapbook paper can also hold other items such as greeting cards. My daughter has some to hold her jewelry making supplies in and some for her scrapbook paper. They stack nicely and fit under the bed perfectly.
  • Items you have around the home: Consider cardboard boxes, baskets, shoe or boot boxes.
  • Vintage suitcases: Add some wheels to vintage suitcases for a cute storage option.
  • Plastic totes: Plastic totes are perfect for storing like items under the bed. You can label them if you chose, but since most of them are clear you can see right inside.
  • Shoe boxes: I like to use the plastic shoe boxes with lids to keep my shoes in.
shoe box storage

While there are plenty of storage options for the space under your bed, make sure you chose what’s best for you. It has to work well in your space. If you need to, measure the space before purchasing any storage items.

Keep the space under the bed clean and organized so you’ll have a tidy and relaxing bedroom.

What are your favorite storage options for under the bed storage?

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Maximize the Storage Space Under the Bed

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