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10 Fun Fall Crafts That are Easy to Make

Prepare your home for fall with these 10 easy and fun to make fall crafts!

fun Fall crafts

Fall may look a little different this year since many of the fall activities are either canceled or only allowing a few people at a time.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the fall season!

Spend some time on those chilly fall days making some fun fall crafts! Get the kids involved and have a fun-filled day full of crafting.

All of the fun fall crafts I’m sharing with you below are frugal and easy to make. Most of them only require items from Dollar Tree or the dollar store.

Prepare to get creative with these 10 fun fall crafts!

10 Fun Fall Crafts

#1: 2-in-1 Pumpkin Decor

2-in-1 pumpkin decor

This fun fall craft is two crafts in one! One side is painted and the other is fabric. When you get bored with your fall decor, just turn this pumpkin around for a new look.

Instructions here: 2-in-1 Pumpkin Decor

#2: Pumpkin Pie Fall Decor

Pumpkin Pie Fall Decor

Turn a Dollar Tree picture frame into a cute pumpkin pie sign for your fall decorating. This fall craft is so cute and super easy to put together!

Instructions here: Pumpkin Pie Fall Decor

#3: Fall Candle Holder

Fall Candle Holder

I think this fall candle holder is my favorite of all the fun fall crafts. It’s beautiful lit up at night and so easy to make. All it takes is a few items from Dollar Tree, so it’s a frugal home decor idea, too.

Instructions: Fall Candle Holder

#4: Pumpkin Patch Sign

Pumpkin Patch Sign

How cute is this pumpkin patch sign made from scrap wood pieces? It looks so adorable on a fall-themed porch!

Instructions: Pumpkin Patch Sign

#5: No-Sew Fall Pillows

No Sew Fall Pillows

I love fabric projects, but I’m not a fan of sewing. That’s why I love these no-sew fall pillows! Grab some fall kitchen towels and put these pillows together in no time.

Instructions: No-Sew Fall Pillows

#6: Buffalo Check Fall Wreath

Farmhouse Fall Wreath

Buffalo check is still trending this year and it’s still just as pretty. This fall wreath is so pretty and so easy to make, too!

Instructions: Fall Wreath Wall Decor

#7: Welcome Fall Pumpkin Sign

Welcome Fall Pumpkin Sign

This cute pumpkin sign was made using only items from Dollar Tree! Not only is it cute for fall, it’s frugal, too!

Instructions: Welcome Fall Pumpkin Sign

#8: Fall Fabric Bowls

How to Make Fabric Bowls

Fabric bowls are so pretty! And they’re easier to make than you might think. Use fall-themed fabric to make these gorgeous fabric bowls for your fall decor.

Instructions: Fall Fabric Bowls

#9: Tin Can Vase for Fall

Tin Can Vase for Fall

Don’t throw away your canned food cans! Repurpose them into a fall vase instead!

Instructions: Tin Can Vase for Fall

#10: Painted Wood Blocks for Fall

painted wood blocks for fall

Scrap wood pieces are perfect for this cute fall craft idea. Just cut a wood board into small blocks, paint, and stamp!

Instructions: Painted Wood Blocks for Fall

Which of these fun fall crafts will you be making? Share your projects with me on Instagram! Post your picture and tag me: @blessings_by_me_blog.

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Fun Fall Crafts

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