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Farmhouse Window – Dollar Tree DIY

You can make a farmhouse window using only Dollar Tree supplies! It’s so easy to do!

Farmhouse window

I love Dollar Tree! I wish I could travel the entire United States just to visit all the Dollar Tree stores!

Okay, that may be a little obsessive, but I do seriously love Dollar Tree. I also love watching YouTube videos of others creating amazing things from items they’ve found at Dollar Tree.

And I love creating my own things using only Dollar Tree items. (I just haven’t worked up the nerve to make a video of these yet.)

I also love farmhouse decor, but it can be so expensive! One of my favorite stores is Kirkland’s, but I can’t afford anything from there so I only go there for ideas and to basically drool all over their stuff.

Farmhouse decor has really been in style lately and most of it is expensive! love to create the decor myself to save money since we are on a tight budget. Usually the decor I make is made using only Dollar Tree items, such as this DIY Farmhouse Window. Let me show you how I made that.

How to Make a Farmhouse Window With Dollar Tree Supplies

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What you need:

DIY Farmhouse WIndow materials

What you do:

Step 1 – Gather Materials

Lay all of the picture frames and garden edging piece on a dropcloth or an old sheet and spray paint all sides. (The spray paint came from Walmart, but that was something I already had on hand.) Let everything dry for a few hours.

Paint the frames and garden edging on all sides

Step 2 – Glue and Clamp

After the frames were dry I glued them all together with the gorilla glue and clamped them together and let them dry.

Note: The gorilla glue I used was a clear epoxy and you had to squeeze it into a container and mix it together. I hated working with this glue because it smells terrible and it doesn’t stick well to the spray paint. If I make this again I will use e6000.

Glue and clamp the frames together to create the farmhouse window

Step 3 – Glue on the edging

I completely forgot to take a picture of this part because I was too excited to get it all together and hang it up. I cut off the stakes on the edging that go into the ground before painting, but I should have left them on so that I could have glued them to the back of the “window”. This would have made it more steady, but I wasn’t thinking at the time so I just glued it along the front of the window.

While all of the materials were drying I made the wreath that I put on the front.

Completed farmhouse window with wreath attached

The Wreath for the Farmhouse Window

What you need:

What you do:

Step 1 – Gather materials

While the glue on the farmhouse window was drying I worked on making the wreath I wanted to hang on it. For the wreath, I used the Styrofoam hoop and reindeer moss from Dollar Tree. I had to cheat and use a wooden “family” sign from Walmart because of course the local Dollar Tree never has everything I need! Grrr…..

Dollar Tree wreath materials

Step 2 – Glue on the moss

I hot glued the moss to the wreath all the way around so none would be showing. This part gets super hot! These little rubber fingertips are amazing when working with hot glue. They have really saved a lot of burnt fingers in my house.

Also, this is super messy!! Make sure you have newspaper or something to work on that you can just throw in the trash when you are done.

Glue the reindeer moss to the foam wreath form

Step 3 – Glue on the sign

After the moss covered the entire foam wreath form, I hot glued the sign to the moss.

Attach the wood lettering sign to the wreath with hot glue.

Step 4 – Hang it up

I added a piece of jute string around the top of the wreath so that I could hang it on my farmhouse window.

I love how this farmhouse window turned out! It looks more expensive than it is – it only cost me less than $15 to make! Due to drying times, it took about 4 hours or so to dry.

What do you think? Do you like creating your own home decor?

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Farmhouse window

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