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Charming Farmhouse Style Fall Wreath Wall Decor

This beautiful fall wreath only costs a few dollars to make. All you need are some Dollar Tree supplies and scrap fabric.

fall wreath

I just love decorating for fall. Other than Christmas, it’s my favorite time for decorations. I love all the colors and scents of fall!

The fall wreath I’m showing you today only cost me about $5 to make. Can you believe it? Except for the fabric and contact paper, everything came from Dollar Tree. The rest I already had on hand.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Farmhouse Fall Wreath Wall Decor

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What you need:

Materials needed for fall wreath wall decor

(Everything except the last 2 items came from Dollar Tree)

What you do:

Step 1: Wrap the wreath form

The first thing you want to do is cut the fabric into strips. Mine are about 2″ in width and about 8″ or 9″ long. It really doesn’t matter about the width or length – it just made it easier for me to wrap the wreath without the fabric getting all bunched up.

Next, start wrapping your wreath form. Add a line of hot glue on the back of the wreath and attach your fabric strips, wrapping around the wreath. Repeat this until the entire wreath is covered.

Wrap the Wreath Form
Wreath form completely wrapped

Step 2: Add embelishments

Add leaves and pumpkin to your wreath using hot glue. I put the leaves in place first where I wanted them, then glued them down when they looked right. Next I glued the pumpkin down in the middle of the leaves.

Add fall leaves and a pumpkin

Step 3: Add the contact paper

I took the backing out of the picture frame and laid it down on the contact paper, traced around it and then cut it out.

Cut the liner the size of the frame backing

After the contact paper is cut to size, carefully put it on the frame backing. The backing is cardboard so the contact paper sticks immediately. Make sure to push out any bubbles along the way and after the paper is covered the frame backing.

Put the picture frame back together.

Put the backing back into the frame

Step 4: Attach the wreath

To attach the wreath to the picture frame, I wrapped a piece of jute string around the top of the wreath and attached it to the back of the frame. I just tied it to the hanger part on the back of the frame because I might want to change it later. This can be glued down, too.

Completed fall wreath wall decor

That’s it! A super simple farmhouse style fall wreath wall decor make using Dollar Tree items. What do you think? Think you’ll make one, too?

I’d love to see your fall wreath wall decor! Tag me on Instagram (@blessings_by_me_blog) and/or Twitter (@blessingsbyme) with your pictures!

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fall wreath

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