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No Sew Fall Pillows

Add a beautiful touch to your fall decor with these easy to make inexpensive no sew fall pillows.

No Sew Fall Pillows

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Throw pillows can be so expensive, but they look great lined up along a couch or a bed. I have a thing for throw pillows, however I don’t have very many because of how much they cost.

Shopping in Hamrick’s one weekend brought me to these adorable fall dish towels. They were just under $8 for a set of 2, plus an extra 40% off. Of course I couldn’t leave them there after seeing that sale sign.

I didn’t want to use my new fall dish towels as dish towels, though. I wanted to use them to make fall pillows. With these two dish towels, I was able to make two small fall pillows for less than $5!

Let me show you how I make these adorable no sew fall pillows.

No-Sew Fall Pillows

What you need:

Dishtowels for no sew pillows

What you do:

Step 1 – Iron

You are going to want to iron the dish towels to make it easier. Iron out the crisp creases the best you can. This helps make them straighter so you get more even lines when adding the iron-on adhesive.

Step 1 - Iron the dishcloths

Step 2 – Turn the dishcloth inside out

Lay the dish towels out flat with the front part facing you. Take one end and fold it up to the other end, making the front part become the inside.

Step 2 - turn the dishcloth inside out for the fall pillows

Step 3 – Add the iron-on adhesive

Take a strip of the iron-on adhesive and lay it along one side of the dish towel and put both sides together. Iron for about 30 seconds. Let the adhesive dry and cool for a few minutes or you’ll have a sticky mess on your hands. Do both sides the same way.

Do not iron the bottom part yet! Only iron the 2 sides.

After the iron-on adhesive is cool and dry, turn the “pillow” inside out.

Add the iron-on adhesive to make the fall pillows

Step 4 – Add the fiber fill

Start stuffing your no sew pillows with the fiber fill in the hole that you have left open. If you want you can add a little bit of the iron-on adhesive tape to each side of the bottom part, but leave a hole big enough to put the fiber fill in.

Fill the no sew pillows with enough fiber fill to make them the way you want. I didn’t add a lot to mine, because I didn’t want them too fluffy. I wanted them to lay a little flat.

Add the fiber fill to the new sew pillows

Step 5 – Close up the hole

The last thing you want to do is to add the iron-on adhesive to the bottom part to close up the hole. Do this the same way you did the sides. Make sure to let it dry well before handling.

Fall no sew pillows

These no sew fall pillows are so easy to make and cost way less than store bought throw pillows. I plan to keep making these for every season and holiday!

I’d love to see your no sew pillows! Tag me with pictures of your pillows on Instagram (@blessings_by_me_blog) and Twitter (@blessingsbyme).

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No Sew Fall Pillows

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