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Fall Candle Holder DIY

You’ll never believe how much this gorgeous fall candle holder cost to make. And it still looks like high-end decor!

fall candle holder

Even though summer is still here and the humidity is rising and falling each day, nighttime is bringing a little chill to the air. I am not a summer person because of the heat and humidity, or a winter person, especially when the temperatures fall below 40.

However, I am fall person. I love when the temperatures start to drop and the trees start showing off their beautiful colors. A nice change every now and then is a good thing for me because I get bored when things stay the same constantly. So when the weather and the leaves start changing I get excited.

And this gets me motivated to actually get things done.

My favorite time of the year to make new home decor is fall. I love the reds, oranges, and yellows of everything! Today I’m going to show you how I made this cute little fall candle holder.

One of the best things about this fall candle holder is that you can change the candle out for the seasons. Since the candles are only a dollar, just buy a few so you have extras on hand. This candle holder would also be pretty decorated for Christmas by changing the ribbon and adding some tiny ornaments.

Fall Candle Holder

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What you need:

What you do:

Step 1

Spray paint the candle holder and plate. There are three candleholders in the photo because I was using them for a different project, but you only need one for this.

candle holder

Step 2

After the plate and candle holder are dry, gather everything you’re going to need together.

Candle Holder Supplies

Step 3:

Add a dab of hot glue to the top of the candleholder and stick one end of the jute string to it. Continue wrapping the jute around the top of the candle holder and glue in place when done.

Jute around candle holder

Step 4

Using the E6000 adhesive, glue the plate to the top of the candleholder.

To make this easier, I turned the plate upside down and glued the candle holder to it. This way I could make sure the candleholder was centered correctly.

Glue dish to top of candle holder
candle holder diy

Step 5

Wrap the ribbon around the LED candle and cut it to the size you need. Hot glue the ends together to the back of the candle.

Ribbon and Pillar Candle
leaf ribbon

Step 6

Put the candle and some embellishments on the candle holder. I just used a flower and a tiny pumpkin. Both were from Dollar Tree and something I already had on hand.

Glue ribbon around candle
decorated candle holder
candle holder in the dark

Super easy and super cheap!! I love how this fall candle holder turned out! Which is why I love Dollar Tree!

This candle holder ended up only costing me $5 to make! You can’t beat that!

Do you decorate for fall? What is your favorite season to decorate for?

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fall candle holder Dollar Tree DIY

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