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Easter Bunny Wreath – Dollar Tree DIY

Learn how to make this cute Easter Bunny wreath with only a few items from Dollar Tree!

Easter Bunny Wreath Pin

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Easter isn’t quite the same this year since we can’t really visit with family or friends. Some of us cannot even attend churches for Easter service this year.

Honestly, Easter hasn’t been the same since my Granny (dad’s mom) passed away.

Every year she had a huge basket of candy sitting out so all the kids could grab some as they came and went. She would fix a big lunch and everyone would gather in a huge circle to say grace before eating.

Times have changed so much and we must move forward, but the sweet memories we will cherish forever.

Easter bunny wreath

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Easter Bunny Wreath DIY

This Easter Bunny wreath was made using items from Dollar Tree and only cost me around $5 to make. I already had everything on hand so I didn’t have to fight the coronavirus at Dollar Tree.

Last year for Halloween I made a creepy hanging cage to put in my yard for decoration. The “cage” was made out of 2 plastic laundry baskets from Dollar Tree. I cut the top part of the baskets off and saved them for a future project. One of those basket tops is what I made this cute Easter Bunny wreath with!

What you need:

  • Plastic laundry basket
  • 3 bunches of flowers
  • Bunny decoration
  • Yarn (similar here)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue

What you do:

I started with this little bunny decoration that I got from Dollar Tree last year.

bunny decoration

The tinsel stuff kinda drives me crazy, so I removed all of that. It’s easy to remove because it’s just wrapped around the plastic piece and around little pegs that stick out around the edges.

Plastic bunny decoration

This yarn was in my yarn stash. It came in a bag of yarn that I bought a few years ago at a thrift store, so I have no idea if you can still purchase it. It’s called “eyelash yarn” and it’s super thin and super soft. The only places I could find that sell it is eBay or Etsy. (Similar yarn here)

Yarn for bunny

To make the bunny for my wreath, I just wrapped the yarn all around the plastic form until the entire bunny was covered. I had to wrap it several times in places to hide the pegs.

wrap the bunny with the yarn

Then, I added a little bow to the ear with a piece of ribbon.

add a bow to the ear

Now it’s time to start making the wreath. For this part, I removed the plastic pieces that were still hanging on to the top of the laundry basket.

top of laundry basket

These were easy to remove because most of them just popped right off when I bent them. For the ones that didn’t pop off, they were easy to cut with scissors.

Cut the pegs off the basket top

I glued the bunny onto the inside handle part of the basket. This piece had more space and the bunny fit perfectly on it.

glue the bunny to the handle

Next, I laid the flowers out around the wreath to see how I wanted to place them. Once I figured that out I started gluing them down with hot glue. I glued them to the inside of the ring that goes around the outside of the basket top. Hopefully, the picture makes more sense.

Glue the flowers on

I ended up using 3 bunches of flowers for this because that’s all I had on hand. To make the flowers go all the way around, I added the green leaves in between 2 sets of flowers. The pattern I used was 2 sets of flowers, then leaves, and so on until the circle was filled up.

You can use more flowers to make the Easter Bunny wreath look fuller.

glue the flowers to the Easter Bunny Wreath

After the flowers were all added and the glue was dry, I hung the wreath on my back door.

Easter Bunny Wreath
side view of Easter Bunny wreath
Easter Bunny

I hope you enjoyed this Easter Bunny wreath DIY! I also hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

pin it for later
Easter Bunny Wreath - Dollar Tree DIY

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