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Rustic Bunny – Dollar Tree DIY

Creating a rustic bunny has never been easier! All you need is a few supplies from Dollar Tree and scrap fabric. Read on to see how to make this cute rustic bunny for Easter!

Rustic Bunny Dollar Tree DIY

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I hope you are all doing well! Last week was very hard for me with all the unknown and places closing down suddenly. The most anxiety-producing part for me was the empty grocery store shelves.

Because of last week’s high anxiety levels, this week I’ve felt more down and depressed than I have in years. I almost didn’t post today because I just couldn’t find it in me to create anything.

However, I pulled myself together to create a rustic bunny from items I had purchased from Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. Of course, this was before “you know what” and I felt safe stalking the shelves of local stores.

Actually, this little bunny only needs 1 thing from For more Dollar Tree DIY’s, click here!

Bunny decor

Rustic Bunny

What you need:

Materials needed for rustic bunny

What you do:

Step 1

Since I only needed one bunny I cut them apart. There’s a tough plastic ring holding them together, but I was able to cut it with scissors.

Step 1

I also cut off the little plastic piece that was holding the ring on.

Cut the ring off the plastic bunny

Step 2

After separating the bunnies I removed the white tinsel that was wrapped around the plastic bunny form.

Step 2 - remove the tinsel

Step 3

I removed all the outer pegs that were sticking out along the sides of the bunny form, including the ones between the ears.

The pegs between the ears are a lot stronger and thicker, but most of them popped right off easily.

Step 3 - Remove the pegs

Step 4

Next, I laid my bunny form onto a piece of fabric that I already had on hand. Then I traced around it with a pencil.

Step 4 - Trace the bunny onto the fabric

Step 5

After tracing around the bunny, I cut it out, but not right on the line. I wanted a little extra fabric so I could glue it to the plastic form.

Apparently I need new scissors because they could barely cut through this fabric! Either that or I need to relearn how to cut.

Step 5 - Cut the fabric

Step 6

I wish I would have left a little more fabric on the sides when cutting. It would have worked better to pull the fabric around and hot glue it to the back.

However, I didn’t do that, so I glued the fabric to the front, pulling some around to the side and hot glued it all down.

Step 6 - glue the fabric to the rustic bunny

Step 7

Next, I outlined the rustic bunny with jute twine. I just hot glued the jute around the outside edges all the way around.

Step 7 - glue jute twine

Step 8

The last step is to add a cute little bow to the rustic bunny’s ear. I made a simple bow from ribbon that I had on hand.

Step 8 - add a bow to the rustic bunny

That’s all there is to it!

This rustic bunny is a simple Dollar Tree DIY that only cost me $1 to make! And I love how cute it is with my Easter decor.

I also have 2 other bunnies left over so I can come up with other cute ways to use them. So I guess in a way it really only cost me about 33 cents to make this project.

Rustic Bunny Dollar Tree DIY
Rustic Bunny Dollar Tree DIY

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Rustic Bunny Dollar Tree DIY
Rustic Bunny Dollar Tree DIY

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