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Burlap Bunny DIY

Make an adorable burlap bunny out of Dollar Tree materials. This is such a cute DIY to add to your spring or Easter decor!

Burlap Bunny DIY

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Can you believe it will be Easter soon?

I do not usually decorate for Easter, but this year I keep seeing all these cute little bunnies and I wanted to decorate. My mom gave me some of her old Easter decorations and I couldn’t wait to put them out. I’ve started decorating for Spring, so the Easter decor just fits right in!

Before I show you how I made this cute little burlap bunny, let me show you some of my other Easter Decor.

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Some pictures of how I decorated for Easter:

Easter Decor
Easter Decor 2
Easter Decor 3

DIY Burlap Bunny

What you need:

  • Bunny wall decor from Dollar Tree
  • Burlap
  • Bow

What you do:

I purchased this bunny from Dollar Tree and I hated the tinsel around it. I just wanted it for the shape because I knew I could remove all that tinsel.

DIY Burlap Bunny

Step 1

The bow is just glued on, so I took it off and started unwrapping the tinsel. The bunny shape is made out of hard plastic and has these little pegs that the tinsel is wrapped around. The tinsel comes off really easy since it’s just wrapped around the pegs and not glued on.

Step 1 - Burlap bunny

Step 2

Start wrapping your burlap around the bunny shape. I got this burlap from Walmart a while back, so I already had it on hand. I realized after wrapping the burlap around a few times that it would have been easier to cut those little pegs off first. Lesson learned.

Step 2 - Burlap Bunny

Step 3:

Cut the burlap and hot glue it down when you’re done with the bottom part. It makes it a lot easier to start on the head.

Step 3 - Burlap Bunny

Step 4:

I found it easier to wrap up one side of the head first and then start on the ear.

Go around the first ear, then around the second. Wrap the other side of the head, cut burlap and hot glue down.

Step 4 - Burlap Bunny

Step 5:

Your bunny is wrapped! Now, let’s start on the bow.

Step 5 - Burlap Bunny

Step 6 – The Bow:

I used a different piece of burlap that I already had on hand that also came from Walmart. I folded the piece together and then scrunched the sides up toward the middle, then I hot glued them together.

Making the burlap bunny bow

After the first part of the bow dried, I took a smaller piece of the same burlap and wrapped it around the middle, gluing it on the back.

Making the burlap bunny bow

Step 7

Glue the bow onto the burlap bunny and you’re done!

Completed Burlap Bunny

The best part about this bunny is that it only cost me $1 to make since I already had the other items on hand (hot glue and burlap). I was very pleased with how it turned out. It looks great alongside my shabby chic lamp and other Spring decor.

Do you decorate for Easter? How do you decorate?

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Burlap Bunny DIY

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