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20 Free Spring Bucket List Ideas with Free Printable

Spring is here! It’s time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather while we can. I have created a list of things to do this spring and they’re all free! Check out the spring bucket list ideas I have for you today and grab your free printable!

20 Free Spring Bucket List Ideas

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Spring is here! The trees and flowers are blooming and the grass is turning greener.

Besides fall, spring is my favorite season. I love it when all the colors start popping out and showing off.

I have a magnolia tree in my backyard that I absolutely love. When it blooms, the flowers are huge! They turn pink and white and when the petals start to fall off the ground underneath is a soft bed of pink. It’s just beautiful!

Magnolia Tree
Magnolia Tree Leaves

This is the tree that I love to relax under and read a book. Not only is it beautiful, but it smells amazing!

Now let’s get on to the spring bucket list I have created for you. The best thing about this list is that everything is free!

Don’t forget to print out the spring bucket list at the bottom so you can check everything off that you would like to do this spring.

20 Free Spring Bucket List Ideas

  1. Read a book outside: Of course, that would be my first one! That’s the thing I love to do most to relax. Get a book that you’ve been meaning to read for a while and take time to read it. (Check out this list of ways to get free books.)
  2. Play a game with bubbles: Have one person blow the bubbles while another person tries to pop them before they hit the ground.
  3. Walk in the rain: Instead of moping around on a rainy day, take your umbrella outside and go for a short walk!
  4. Plant a small container garden: Grab a small pot and plant a few small plants. Or, grab a bucket and plant a tomato plant that you can watch grow on your back porch!
  5. Fly a kite: Grab a kite and head to the backyard or a nearby park. (Just remember to stay away from powerlines!)
  6. Camp indoors: I don’t like camping one bit, but camping inside is a different story. Set up a tent in the living room, or make one by draping blankets over the kitchen chairs. Grab a flashlight and tell some spooky stories.
  7. Eat outside: Grab your lunch and go outside to eat. Even if it’s just a snack it’s better than being inside.
  8. Cloud watch: One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was to lay on my back in the middle of the cow field and watch the clouds roll by. I would imagine those clouds were so many different things!
  9. Watch the birds: Grab a blanket or a chair and some binoculars if you have some and watch the birds. Go to the library and find a bird book and see how many you can identify.
  10. Dye Easter Eggs: Decorating ideas for Easter eggs are endless! See how many different colors you can come up with. I love to draw flowers on the egg with a white crayon before dying. The color will not stick to the white! One of our family traditions, when I was little, was to always save one egg. We’d mix all the colors together and let that last egg soak for a while. It almost always comes out brown, but it was our tradition! I still do that.
  11. Plant a butterfly garden: Plant flowers that attract butterflies and watch them grow. In the following months, you’ll have plenty of beautiful butterflies visiting.
  12. Give back: Help an elderly neighbor with mowing their lawn, or make small flower bouquets for nursing homes.
  13. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt: Get outside and send participants to find butterflies, flowers, clovers, a bird’s nest, etc.
  14. Celebrate Earth Day: Make Earth Day crafts, take your own grocery bags when shopping, plant a tree, try reusable coffee cups, or walk instead of driving.
  15. Repurpose something into a planter: Find something that you already have laying around the house and turn it into a planter for spring plants. Check out how I did that with an old mailbox here.
  16. Spring cleaning: Yes, I know that doesn’t sound too fun, but make a game of it. Play some music and have everyone go through their rooms and throw away the trash and take out clothes they no longer wear, shoes that no longer fit, or toys they no longer play with.
  17. Play an outdoor game: Remember those fun games we played at recess when we were younger – Red Rover, Tag, Hide and Seek? Bring those back! Also, try Frisbee or Mother May I or just bring a board game outside and play on a blanket under a tree.
  18. Have a family car wash: Grab the water hose and suds and get rid of all the winter yuckiness just sitting on your car’s paint.
  19. Make a rain gauge: You probably have most everything you need to make a rain gauge. Here’s a quick video on how to make one:
  20. Just relax: Do something that you find relaxing and just take the time to do it. For me, that would be reading a book outside. I bet you never would have guessed that one!

I hope you enjoyed this spring bucket list full of free things to keep you busy!

What would you add to the list? What’s your favorite spring activity?

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Spring bucket list ideas

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Spring bucket list ideas with printable

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