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20 Incredible Uses for Safety Pins

Did you know that safety pins have many different uses? Here are 20 incredible uses for safety pins that you need to know!

20 Incredible Uses for Safety Pins

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The safety pin was invented in 1849 by Walter Hunt. Hunt had a debt of fifteen dollars and needed a way to pay it off. While thinking of ways to pay off this debt, he was fiddling with a piece of wire and twisting it together. Soon that twisted wire became a safety pin and Hunt was granted US patent #6,281 on April 10, 1849.

Walter Hunt sold his safety pin idea outright for $400. In today’s time, that’s equal to about $12,000! Unfortunately for Hunt, the company that he sold his idea to ended up making millions of dollars in profits from his invention.

Walter Hunt’s safety pin idea works out great for us, though. There are so many uses for that little piece of twisted metal. Here are 20 incredible uses for safety pins for you to keep in mind.

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20 Incredible Uses for Safety Pins

  1. Safety pin bracelet – Depending on your wrist size, you’ll need up to 100 safety pins for this DIY project. Click here to see 27 different ways to make a bracelet from safety pins.
  2. Organize socks – Attach your socks together with a safety pin before putting them in the washing machine and never lose a sock again!
  3. Keep loose buttons together – Thread the pin through buttonholes to keep them organized.
  4. Zip your dress – Clip a safety pin to the zipper of the dress and tie a long piece of thread to it. Use it to pull up the zipper.
  5. Conquer static cling – Pin a safety pin near the hem of your pant leg. The metal will stop static electricity.
  6. Remove a splinter – Keep safety pins in a small box and take them with you while camping. Keep some nearby while working with wood to easily remove any splinter from your fingers and hands.
  7. Tie a scarf together – If you want your scarf to stay in place, tie it together with a safety pin.
  8. Hold bra straps in place – Tops with plunging necklines tend to show bra straps easily. Pin bra straps to the top to hold them in place and keep them from showing.
  9. Keep curtains closed – Sometimes our curtains just don’t want to stay closed, especially in hotel rooms. Pin them together with a safety pin to keep them closed.
  10. Avoid getting pickpocketed – It’s easy to get distracted in a crowded city or even at an event, which can cause you to lose track of your most valuable possessions. Use a safety pin to pin the zipper of your purse to a strap of the purse’s fabric, making it harder for thieves to stick their hands into your bag.
  11. Lengthen the use of samples – I love getting samples of lotions and makeup, but once I open the package, they become dry and messy quickly. Using a safety pin to poke a small hole in the packaging really helps! The cream comes out easily and there’s less mess. By doing this the shelf life of the product is also extended.
  12. Lengthen a necklace – String a few safety pins to the fastener of a necklace to lengthen it. This works great for chokers that you want to wear as a longer necklace.
  13. Clean tiny holes – Clear out the buildup of salt and pepper shakers with a safety pin. Just stick the pin into the tiny holes and give it a twist until it’s clean. Paper clips are also great for this!
  14. Fix a broken button – For a quick and temporary fix of a broken button, attach a safety pin to hold it onto the fabric.
  15. Decorate a cake – Use the tip of a safety pin to draw a design on a cake instead of just eyeballing it. Then cover the fine lines with icing.
  16. Create nail art – Dip the tip of a safety pin into a bottle of nail polish to easily draw delicate designs onto your nails. This is great for creating polka dots and swirls!
  17. Self-defense – Carry a safety pin in your hand if you’re walking alone. If you’re attacked, poke the attacker with the pin and run. It will shock them long enough for you to get away.
  18. DIY holders – Use a large safety pin to hand light items from such as earrings and scarves.
  19. Fix a drawstring – Use a safety pin to rethread the drawstring on clothing without the struggle.
  20. Key chain – Use a large safety pin to keep your keys together. It’s also a lot easier to get the keys on and off than those difficult key chains.

Can you believe all of the different ways you can use a safety pin? From pinning clothes to saving your life, the safety pin is a great little tool to keep with you at all times.

What are your favorite uses for safety pins? Do you have any unique ways to use them?

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