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Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

Fabric covered Easter eggs are so easy to make that even the kids will enjoy making this fun Easter craft. All you need is fabric scraps, hot glue, and some Dollar Tree plastic eggs.

Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

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I cannot believe it’s already March! With March comes Spring and that makes me happy.

Spring seems like a breath of fresh air after the long cold winter days. New colors are springing to life and brightening up our days and the temperatures finally start going up making it easier to get outside and enjoy the day.

There is just so much to love about Spring!

Including all the fun of changing up your home decor and putting away the winter stuff. And if you know me at all, you know that almost all of my home decor is handmade and mostly Dollar Tree DIYs. Including these cute little fabric-covered Easter eggs that I’m showing you how to make today.

Since it is the first Wednesday of a new month, it’s time to team up with my friends for a new challenge, which is hosted by Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip!

Easter Egg Challenge

This month’s DIY challenge uses plastic eggs. These eggs are fairly cheap and you can find them at Dollar Tree and Walmart or just about anywhere. For this challenge, I chose to make fabric covered Easter eggs. Let me show you how I did this fun and easy project.

Be sure to check out the other Easter egg inspirations at the bottom of this post.

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Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

Fabric covered Easter eggs are very easy to make. It’s a quick project, too, depending on how many you decide to make. I have to warn you – these do become quite addicting!

What you need:

Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Plastic eggs
  • Fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

What you do:

Step 1 – Cut the fabric

The first thing you’ll do is cut your fabric scraps into smaller pieces. For some of my fabric covered Easter eggs, I chose to rip the fabric to get those ragged edges.

To measure the length of the fabric, I laid the plastic egg on it and just measured from the top of the egg to the bottom. I didn’t really measure the width, I just cut some thin and some a little wider.

Fabric scraps

Step 2 – Glue the fabric

The next thing you’re going to do is glue the fabric scraps to the plastic eggs. Just place a little glue dot at the top of the egg and on the bottom, then place your fabric piece on it to glue it down.

glue the fabric scraps to the plastic egg

You can alternate your colors as I did, or use all the same color. Or mix it up and use a bunch of different colors!

I think I’ll try that next.

fabric covered Easter eggs

Step 3 – Decorate

After the fabric covered Easter eggs are all put together, you get to think about where you’re going to put them.

To decorate with my eggs, I started with a tobacco basket I got from A.C. Moore a while back. Also, I had some Easter basket wrap from years ago that I cut so it would fit inside the bottom of the tobacco basket.

Tobacco basket liner

After the liner was all straight, I added some shredded paper and laid it over the liner. The purpose of the liner is to hold the shredded paper in so it doesn’t make a mess every time I move the basket.

Easter basket grass - shredded paper

Next, I started adding my decorations.

First I used the hurricane candle holder I made and filled it with jelly beans. (See how I made the hurricane candle holder here.)

Jelly beans center piece

On the sides, I added 2 adorable rabbits that were my moms. She was getting rid of them and I thought they were too cute to toss.

Bunny rabbit #1
Rabbit #2

I placed my fabric covered Easter eggs around the basket at random places.

Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

Stay tuned next week and I’ll show you how I made the cute little wood blocks that I added to my basket.

Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

Do you enjoy decorating for Easter?

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