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Amazing Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Did you know that you can use hydrogen peroxide around the home for cleaning and disinfecting? There are tons of uses for it and I’m sharing my list of amazing uses for hydrogen peroxide with you.

Amazing Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide has been known to be a super cleanser for many years. It breaks down quickly and easily when it comes into contact with water or air, so it’s deemed safer than chlorine chemicals.

According to the CDC, hydrogen peroxide kills mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and yeasts. The CDC has a list of specific concentrations you need and how long you need to let them sit to be effective at killing different organisms.

Here’s a list of amazing uses for hydrogen peroxide that you can use in your own home.

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Amazing Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

In the kitchen

  • Wipe down appliances: Hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning places that store food because it is non-toxic. Just add some to an opaque spray bottle and spray appliances inside and out, wait a few minutes, then wipe clean. Why an opaque bottle? Exposure to light kills the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Clean sponges: Soak sponges for 10 minutes in 1 cup warm water mixed with 1 cup hydrogen peroxide for a thorough cleaning, then rinse.
  • Remove baked-on stains: Combine baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to make a paste and rub onto the dirty pans and let soak. Later, use a sponge and some warm water to lift the baked-on food right off.
  • Clean cutting boards and surfaces: After preparing meat for dinner, spray cutting boards and surfaces with hydrogen peroxide. Let it bubble for a few minutes, then rinse clean.
  • Dishwashing booster: Add 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide to your regular dishwashing detergent for a sanitizing boost.
  • Wash fruits and veggies: Add ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide to a sink full of cold water. Wash fruits and vegetables in the mixture to remove pesticides and any dirt. Rinse with cool water.

In the bathroom

  • Toilet cleaner: Pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl, wait about 20-30 minutes, then scrub clean.
  • Whiten bathtub grout: Make sure the bathtub is completely dry, then spray the grout generously with hydrogen peroxide. It may bubble a little, but let it sit for a while, then come back and scrub the grout with an old toothbrush. (See what else you can do with an old toothbrush here!)
  • Clean shower curtains: Place shower curtain in the washing machine with a bath towel and your regular detergent, then add 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to the rinse cycle. This will remove any soap scum and mildew left on the shower curtain.
  • Shower spray: Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and viruses, so use it to spray down your shower for a sanitized cleaning.
  • Bathroom cleaner: Spray down the surfaces in your bathroom that is affected by mold or mildew and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes, then wipe clean. Hydrogen peroxide is a great mold and mildew cleaner and also disinfects!
  • Make toothpaste: Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste for brushing teeth. This kills bacteria and helps with the early stages of gingivitis. Add a little salt for a whitening toothpaste. (Check out some other great uses for baking soda here!)
  • Mouthwash: To freshen breath and kill bacteria, use equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water to rinse your mouth out with.
  • Sanitize toothbrushes: Soak your toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide in between uses to keep it clean and sanitize. This is very helpful if someone in your family has the flu or a cold.

In the laundry room

  • Remove stains: Hydrogen peroxide can remove stains from clothing, curtains, and tablecloths. Soak the stain for a little while in hydrogen peroxide, then wash as normal. This also works wonders on getting blood out of clothing.
  • Whiten whites: Boost the brightness of whites by adding a cup of hydrogen peroxide to a regular load of whites.
  • Whiten linens: Remove that yellow coloring from lace curtains or tablecloths by soaking them in a sink filled with cold water mixed with 2 cups hydrogen peroxide. Let them soak for about an hour, then rinse with cold water and let air dry.
  • Freshen towels: For musty smelling towels, add ½ cup hydrogen peroxide and ½ cup vinegar to the washing machine. Let them soak for 15 minutes, then wash as normal.

In the whole house

  • Brighten floors: Hydrogen peroxide is safe for any floor because it’s so mild. And there’s no need to rinse! Mix a half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with one gallon of hot water, then mop.
  • Toy cleaner: Spray toys, toy boxes, doorknobs or anything else that gets used by kids a lot with hydrogen peroxide. Since it’s not a lung irritant, it’s safe to use around anyone, even kids or people with respiratory problems.
  • Clean humidifiers: To clean humidifiers and steamers, use 1 pint of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water.
  • Glass cleaner: Spray glass with hydrogen peroxide and wipe clean for a streak-free shine!
  • Clean coolers: Spray the inside of coolers and ice chests with hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect them. Works great for lunch boxes, too.

Whew! That’s quite an amazing list of uses for hydrogen peroxide!

What do you use hydrogen peroxide for?

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Amazing uses for hydrogen peroxide

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