Saturdays on the Porch

Welcome to the porch! Let’s chat!

Saturdays on the porch

I have to apologize for not keeping up with this series like I promised you – and myself – that I would. Honestly, I just haven’t felt like writing.

I’m struggling to find my place in this new neighborhood and new city, especially since I’m a “country” girl at heart. I don’t like being surrounded by neighbors. I need my space. And the mountains! I can’t see one mountain from here! Ugh!

I miss the openness where I can see the sunrises and sunsets. Here there are tall oak trees that block God’s beautifully painted morning and evening skies.

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 5 months and have only met two neighbors. How sad is that? Not that I care, because I honestly don’t care to meet the “one across the street”. It just saddens me because I always assumed that neighborhoods like this one were like small communities where neighbors looked out for one another and you could trust and depend on them. Here, I just feel left out and oh so lonely in a big house that is already full of bad memories.

Blah, blah, blah. I know I’m complaining, and I’ll stop now. It’s just that you guys here are my “community” and my friends and I feel like I can trust you all. I love every one of you and I thank you so much for being here and supporting me!

Now let’s get on with a more positive outlook, shall we?

Home Update

Okay, I know I promised a more positive outlook, but here’s a slight little show-stopper.

The drywallers came to put up the ceiling and repair the walls in the family room and part of the kitchen. They were a funny little husband and wife team. The wife kept putting her husband in his place because apparently, he leaves things behind a lot. One of those things is a really expensive and very nice insulated mug, which is still sitting on my front porch. (It’s been 3 weeks!)

Anyway, they finished up the ceiling, which looks a lot better than a huge hole.

finished ceiling 1
finished ceiling 2

Now all that’s left on the inside is to paint.

BUT – (isn’t there always a but?) – there’s been a miscommunication with the insurance company (who knows?) so now we’ve been “put on hold”. Which means no more work can be done until the insurance adjuster looks over the estimates and gets back to us. Oh, joy…

So that’s all the home updates I have right now.

Weekly Menu

What’s on the menu this week:

  • Monday: Hot dogs: Tater Tots; Mac & Cheese
  • Tuesday: Viola! Garlic Chicken; Garlic Bread
  • Wednesday: Instant Pot Chicken & Dumplings; Cucumber Slices
  • Thursday: Breakfast (pancakes, eggs, & bacon)
  • Friday: Hamburger Helper; Salad; Bread Sticks
  • Saturday: out
  • Sunday: Baked Spaghetti; Salad

Positive Story of the Week:

I loved this story of 2 young boys in Indiana who stopped riding their bikes so they could pay their respects to a passing funeral possession for a military veteran. What a heartwarming and touching story!

Indiana boys
via: Fox News

Fun Photo of the Week

Tic-tac-toe cat

My daughter taught our cat Amber how to play Tic-Tac-Toe. Every time Amber would eat a treat, my daughter would place an “X” in its place, then she would make her move. (Don’t worry – my daughter wasn’t eating the cat treats, too.)

Amber actually won that game, so I guess you could say “the cat got the game”.

Deal of the Week

So this deal isn’t coming up until September 22, but I wanted to share it with you now, especially if you’re a blogger.

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I’m probably not supposed to do this, but here’s a detailed list of everything in the kit, plus the bonuses!

The sale runs from Wednesday, September 22 to Monday, September 27. There are 75 resources in this sale worth over $6,000 but during the sale, you can get them all for only $97 using this link!

If you’re a blogger trying to grow your blog, this is perfect for you!

And be sure to sign up for the free webinar, too!

free webinar

Your turn!

How was your week? I’d love to hear all about it!

Thank you for sharing!

74 thoughts on “Saturdays on the Porch”

  1. I hope your neighbours and neighbourhood turn around for you. I had a similar disappointing experience with the neighbourhood I’ve been renting in. I connected with one neighbour to have quick little morning chats, but everyone else seems to be in their own = world. Or really grumpy, but that’s a story for another time lol.

    This week, though, I’m in the midst of moving! I’m moving to an apartment building and am really excited for it. I get to have a balcony and a lot of natural light, which I didn’t have in a number of my previous places.

    1. Yes, that’s exactly how it is here!

      How exciting that you’re moving! I bet the balcony is so nice. I wish you all the best in your new place! Enjoy all that natural light!

  2. Moving to a new city or town is always hard. I hope you meet some good people. For now, comfort yourself with the facr you have a cat who can play Tic Tac Toe. How cool is that?

  3. Very cool post…for some reason I love hearing what other people have for supper. It gives me ideas. I hope you meet someone close by that you can connect with. But yeah, sometimes it can be hard. The place I lived before here, we only really got to know one set of neighbors, an elderly couple. Eventually we realized the community just wasn’t a great fit. But with that said, sometimes it just takes time. Praying you feel more at home there soon!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed that! I like that, too. I see a lot of recipes but not a lot of actual meals. Sometimes I need more help with the sides to serve with the main meal. Lol!
      I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from. It’s hard, but you’re right. Maybe one day it’ll “feel” better here. Thanks so much for your prayers!

  4. Well, stay hopeful things have a way of turning around and meantime you’re still busy with fixing the house. Those trees sound amazing and the cat tic-tac-toe, wow. Oh and sometimes it’s good to just vent 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your inspiring words! And for understanding that sometimes it’s nice to just be able to vent. ? I thought it was funny that my daughter taught her cat to play games. She’s always coming up with something! ?
      Thank you! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  5. Adjusting to a new place is a little hard. Now a days everyone likes to make their own space so nobody is interested to connect with each other.
    I am so glad you got two neighbors ?.
    Wow the cat tic-tac-toe is really surprising ?. Have a great weekend Michelle.?

    1. You’re right about that! People just don’t seem to care anymore. I’m fine with that as long as they’re good neighbors. ?
      Thank you! I hope you had a nice weekend!

  6. I can feel your pain Michelle. There is nothing like God’s country but you do have a beautiful house. Be patient it will be finished soon. Then you can celebrate and decorate for the holidays. Have a great weekend! I have all three grandkids here this weekend. I’m exhausted already! Lol

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am looking forward to the holidays! I hope you get some rest after the grandkids leave. Lol! I’m sure it was a wonderful weekend full of great memories. ❤️

  7. I am so sorry for all you are going through. I can relate a bit. We moved from 10 acres to 1 acre. We loved our neighbors at our old place. We have yet to meet any at our new. (And you know about the mean dogs!) But we have not been here for a month yet. It definitely takes time to adjust and time for a new house to feel like “home.” I am praying for you, my friend. ♥️

    1. Moving from all that land to a smaller area is definitely a big change! Thank you for the encouragement and for your prayers. I’m praying for you as well! ❤️

  8. Welcome back Michelle. I’ve missed you and was just thinking the other day that I hadn’t seen a “Saturdays on the Porch” in a while. I am sorry you’re having a hard time settling into your new location. Sadly, many neighbourhoods are like yours with people too busy with their lives to connect with each other. We’ve been fortunate to have six sets of neighbours that have lived here since we moved in 27 years ago. Sadly, our next-door neighbours have sold their home and are moving away. We have no idea who’s moving in but it will definitely change the dynamic.

    I hope things get better and you settle soon.

    1. Wow, that is a big change! I hope you enjoy it there. At least you finally have internet! I know how much of a pain that was for you before. Thanks for the link! Sometimes I have to turn on old shows for company. Lol!!

  9. I live rural and I don’t think I’d want to go back to town living again. There are no mountains where I live but like you I love to see the sky as well as the winds blowing across the fields, and all of the sunset as it dips below the horizon. Things are spread out pretty far here but I do belong to a couple of community groups (theatre and choir) and have been able to meet people who like the same sort of things I do. Might be something to think about (crafting or art clubs maybe) where you are if you’re looking for something to do out and about or to meet like minded people. Change is hard though for sure so give yourself as much time as you need to feel settled and comfortable.

    1. I thought it would be somewhat easy to adjust to living in a town but it’s just not me. I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from! It’s great that you’re involved in those groups. I’ll definitely look for something like that. Thank you for the suggestion! And for your encouraging words!

  10. So sorry you are finding your new location not quite as welcoming as country and country neighbors. We are now in the mist of moving back home from FL.Between getting older and the past year and then some of this covid, well lets just say being close to family seems to be more important then any thing else. Even knowing a new neighbor hood might be a wee bit of a challenge.Just have to keep n mind the reason for change in this season of our life. I hope all comes together for you soon. Just play a hardy game of tic tac toe with your feline friend to past the time. You are in my prayers.

  11. Hope that you can meet some people and have a community in the new place. Moving is always hard. Sometimes we just need to pour out our heart – it is perfectly ok.
    Your cat is a clever one.

  12. I wonder if you could join some type of gym, club, something of that so you could meet new people in the area. Im so sorry that it hasn’t been better for you.?❤️

    Chicken and dumplings sounds amazing! And I love the cat tic tac toe and the story of the boys paying their respects of the funeral procession…little bit of hope for our future.❤️

    1. I’ve looked for a few things to do around the area but Covid is making things difficult. ? But I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the suggestion! ?

      My daughter is always trying to teach Amber something. Haha! I thought the story of those boys was so touching, too!

  13. Oh Michelle, I’m sorry that this move has been hard on you for the reasons you said. I’m praying right now that things will improve with friendships and neighbors, and that you’ll happily adjust to your location. Sometimes the longings we have never really go away but we learn to lean on God about them and grow in patience and grace. May you be richly blessed in the days ahead!

  14. It stinks that you aren’t settling in to the new house. I really hope things get better soon. When I moved in with my husband after we got married, I moved into a town and I hated it. I really missed the trees and the country. now that we are back in the country (or a smaller town), I like it, yet….I somehow miss town too. I really only made friends with one neighbor the entire 18 years I lived in that town so I totally get you on how hard it can be to connect with neighbors these days.

    I have made a couple friends in this new house, but things are so weird anymore with people, so it makes connecting harder.

    I love your daughter’s tic-tac-toe idea.

    Our week was fairly tame (after the ER visit of course). We went for an outing Friday, chilled out Saturday (well, I did), a small family reunion today and the rest of the week will be school stuff.

    I hope your week gets better!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from. I agree – neighbors can be tough to enjoy sometimes.

      It sounds like after the big scare you had a nice relaxing week! I’m glad it turned out to be better.

  15. I”m so sorry that the neigbourhood isn’t what you thought it would be. I’ve been in my house 17 years and just when we get to know our neighbours, they move! It’s tough in the ‘burbs. It’s been especially tough with Covid too. Just from observation, I find those walking dogs and people that are out front tending their garden are the ones people flock to first because they are easy conversation starters. ‘What kind of dog, what’s his name, what are you planting” etc.

    A friend of mine started a street get together one year and got the whole neighbourhood involved; they roasted a whole pig and had a blast! Sometimes it helps if you’re the one to initiate but it doesn’t have to be as elaborate as this :).

    1. The neighborhood get-together is a great idea! That sounds really fun. What a great way to get all the neighbors together! Thanks for the suggestion. That’s definitely something to think about. 🙂

  16. Hoping htat your neighbourhood will be opening up a bit and that you feel more part of it. Give it time. When I moved to East London, I didn’t know my neighbours for years. Everyone kept to themselves and out working all day. It took time, and I got to know the neighbours. It is always hard in a new area. Stay positive and you are doing a great job in your house, which I find fantastic.

  17. We are in a new neighborhood filled with families and yet other than the occasional “hey how are you” we haven’t made too many friends either. Of course, Covid has played a nasty role in that because my hubs has cancer and until his treatment is over and he is stable, we have to isolate. We hope after treatment we can sit in chairs out front and watch the kiddos play and maybe visit with the younger people. In the meantime, it’s lonely, so I know how you feel. Hang in there and I pray you find the right way to mingle with the neighbors. Maybe instead of a lemonade stand a “come see the amazing kitty play tic-tac-toe” stand!

  18. New home, new neighborhood, new neighbors, is actually a new life and is not easy at the beginning…I hope you’ll find your place and balance ? I love the fun photo of the week ? your daughter is really inventive ?

  19. I am so sorry you are feeling so sad about your neighborhood. Adjusting is very hard! And what’s even harder for you is that you are trying to fix a house as well as move in. And the darn insurance people aren’t helping either. And Covid sure isn’t helping matters.
    Have you ever looked into the Social Clubs on MeetUp. It’s an online situations for hundreds of clubs around the nation… and you can narrow it down to your area.
    I will say a prayer for you. Hugs!

  20. I’m so sad this move has been so difficult, Michelle. It’s so hard to adjust to a new home, trust me I know. I’m praying things will turn around and one day you’ll feel welcomed and part of your new community! I’d LOVE to have you as my neighbor! We have totally the opposite issue as our neighbors are stopping by a bit ‘too’ much if you know what I mean. LOL! Your daughter is a true cat whisperer, and thanks for the info on the blog class and webinar! That’s a huge savings! I’ll definitely have to check it out!

    1. Thank you for understanding and for your prayers! Ugh…I’m sorry you’re having to deal with “those” neighbors. Lol! I think we would have a great time together as neighbors!! ? You’re welcome! The blog bundle is amazing and so helpful!

  21. I hope you will discover more welcoming voices in your neighborhood. I’ve been out of touch so I have some catching up to do. Your daughter has turned into a “cat trainer” extraordinaire.

  22. Aw Michelle, give yourself some time to adjust and I’m sure everything will work out. Five months may seem like forever, but in the span of life it’s a moment! Sending hugs ❤️

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