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16 Mind-Blowing Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are a must in some households for those that need that morning wake-me-up. However, did you know that there’s more to these little filters than just your morning brew? Keep reading to see some other uses for coffee filters that you may have never thought of!

16 mind-blowing uses for coffee filters
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Legend has it that the first paper coffee filter was invented by Melitta Bentz, a German entrepreneur, on July 8, 1908. Apparently, she was tired of the bitter taste coffee had back in the day from boiling loose grounds. (Who could blame her?) So, she decided to create her own filter out of paper instead of using linen to brew her coffee. She patented her invention and formed a company called “Melitta” to sell her coffee filters. Her very first employees were her husband and her 2 sons.

Thank goodness for Melitta and her genius idea to keep us from having to drink bitter coffee!

But, did you know that there are tons of other uses for coffee filters besides just getting rid of that bitter taste? Keep reading to find some coffee filter uses you may have never even thought of before.

16 Uses for Coffee Filters (Other Than Brewing Coffee)

1. Place coffee filters between stacked plates

This is a great tip to keep in mind when you’re packing up and moving. The coffee filters keep your plates from scratching and chipping during the move. Or, you can place coffee filters between your stacked plates as extra protection even when you’re not moving!

2. Clean mirrors and windows

Using coffee filters to clean mirrors and windows is probably one of my favorite coffee filter hacks. Since they are lint-free, you can use them to clean and leave a streak-free shine! (To make your own non-toxic window cleaner, just mix 1 part distilled vinegar to 10 parts water in a spray bottle.)

3. Clean and polish stainless steel

Just like cleaning mirrors and windows, coffee filters are great for cleaning and polishing stainless steel. Use them on any stainless steel appliances and faucets. (Here’s an extremely easy recipe to make your own stainless steel cleaner. It only has one ingredient!)

4. Use as a snack bowl

Are you craving popcorn but don’t want to dirty up more dishes? Use coffee filters instead! Since they are shaped like small bowls, coffee filters are the perfect size for popcorn, crackers, or other small snacks. And you can toss it when you’re finished.

5. Absorb excess oil

Run out of face oil blotting sheets and need one ASAP? Cut a coffee filter into small squares to use as a face blotter in a pinch. They can also be used to absorb oil from greasy french fries or bacon. Just lay them on a coffee filter to drain away excess fat.

6. Place a coffee filter in the bottom of a flower pot

Another great use for coffee filters is to place one in the bottom of a flower pot before adding potting soil to the pot. This keeps the dirt in place, yet still allows water to escape.

7. Prevent microwave splatters

Before reheating last night’s leftovers, place a coffee filter over them to avoid messy splatters. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning the microwave.

8. Clean your screens

Coffee filters are perfect for grabbing dust and debris from both big and small screens. Use coffee filters to wipe off your TV screens, laptop screens, phone screens, and tablet screens. (We sure do have a lot of screens nowadays!)

9. Dry glassware

Sometimes my glassware is still wet when I unload the dishwasher. Does this happen to you, too? Using a coffee filter to dry the glasses will leave them spotless!

10. Freshen the air

Another one of my favorite uses for coffee filters is using them as inexpensive and toxin-free air fresheners. Just place your favorite herbs, dried flowers, or essential oils in the center of a coffee filter, bundle it up, and tie it with a string. Then hang it wherever you need to freshen the air.

(Here’s another fun recipe for making your own non-toxic air freshener!)

11. Make non-toxic dryer sheets

Coffee filters are actually pretty good at fluffing up your clothes in the dryer. Use them instead of dryer sheets to save money and stay safe. (Store-bought dryer sheets contain chemicals as well as ingredients that can break down your dryer faster. You can dab a few drops of essential oils onto a coffee filter and toss it into your next dryer load. Or follow this recipe for DIY Dryer Sheets. She made 160 dryer sheets for under $3.00!

(Here’s another recipe for making your own dryer sheets.)

12. Brighten up your eyes

If your eyes are looking a little puffy due to lack of sleep, you can soothe them by using coffee filters. Soak some coffee filters in green tea or chamomile tea and place them in the fridge for a bit. Once they’re chilled, fold up the coffee filters and place them right onto your eyes. They’ll leave your skin looking re-energized!

13. Store Christmas ornaments

When it’s time to put away the Christmas ornaments, store the delicate ones in coffee filters to keep them safe. Coffee filters are the perfect shape for glass ball ornaments.

14. Sprout seeds

Get a head start on your seeds by using coffee filters. Just dampen a coffee filter, place the seed(s) inside, and fold it up and place it in a plastic bag. Once the seed sprouts, you can plant it!

15. Remove nail polish

If you run out of cotton balls and need to remove your nail polish, just use a coffee filter. They’re strong enough to hold liquid nail polish remover and can be used more times than a cotton ball or pad.

16. Wipe up spills

Coffee filters are very absorbent, so when you spill the milk and don’t have a towel nearby, don’t cry! Just grab a coffee filter and wipe it up.

I hope you found this list of other uses for coffee filters useful! What are some of your favorite uses for coffee filters?

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