Getting Rid of Dresser Drawer Clutter

Are you unable to completely close your dresser drawers because there’s too much stuff in there? Follow these tips on getting rid of dresser drawer clutter so you can finally shut those drawers all the way!

Dresser Drawer Clutter

We’ve already focused on decluttering and organizing a small closet as well as maximizing the storage space under the bed.

Also, we looked at some bedroom organizing ideas that will work for anyone and checked out some great organizers to keep things nice and tidy.

Now we’re going to take a look at the dresser drawers. And if your dresser drawers are anything like mine, they’re overflowing with t-shirts and pajamas that probably should have been tossed a long time ago.

Let’s focus on getting rid of dresser drawer clutter so we can finally shut the drawers all the way!

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Do you need to declutter your dresser drawers?

Clothing that gets put away in drawers often gets crammed in there and jumbled up, especially if you have more clothes than space. Here’s a tip to help you figure out if you have too many clothes for your dresser drawers: you hate putting away the laundry.

At least that’s why I dread putting the laundry away.

I fold the pajama pants, pry open the drawer, shove in the pants, and walk away disappointed because I could barely get the drawer shut. And that just means I have more work to do.

However, I know that once I declutter and make more space in the drawer, putting the laundry away will be much less stressful. And it also makes it easier to find the clothes I want to wear.

How to get rid of dresser drawer clutter

My biggest tip for you when getting rid of dresser drawer clutter is to tackle one drawer at a time. This will make the whole process easier and less overwhelming.

As you’re going through the clothing in your dresser drawers, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it fit?
  • Is it my style?
  • Do I look good in it?
  • How do I feel when I wear it?
  • Have I worn this in the past year?
  • Would I buy this again now?
  • Is it stained or are there holes in it?
  • Would this make someone else happier than it does me?

After you’ve asked yourself these questions about your clothes, make three piles – keep, donate, upcycle.

The “keep” pile

Starting with the “keep” pile, put like items together back into the drawers. For example, keep socks together, underwear together, t-shirts together, etc.

Seeing like items piled together might make you realize how much more you need to purge. Make sure you only keep what you have room for.

Keep in mind that you’ve got to keep decluttering until you have space for everything you’re keeping. If there’s no space for it all, then you might have to find a different place to store your clothes. (Or purchase another dresser!)

The “donate” pile

Items that you’ll never wear again or don’t fit any more go into this pile. Before donating clothes to a thrift store, see if there’s anyone in your community that has a need for clothes.

For example, our community has a Facebook page where people can ask for donations if they move into a new home or their homes burn down. It’s great to see everyone coming together to help out. I understand that not everyone has Facebook, but there are other ways to help out.

The “upcycle” pile

Make sure you check out the different ways you can upcycle old clothing before you just toss it. And if clothing is too stained or damaged, turn it into a cleaning rag.

How to keep your clothes from getting jumbled up in the drawer

One way I keep my t-shirts from getting jumbled up in the dresser drawer is to roll them instead of folding them. They fit nicely beside each other and it’s easier for me to grab the t-shirt I’m looking for. I do this with my husband’s t-shirts, too.

rolled t-shirts to cut down on jumbled clothes

How to roll a t-shirt

Start by laying the t-shirt out on a flat surface.

This is my favorite t-shirt, by the way.

how to roll a t-shirt - getting rid of dresser drawer clutter

Next, fold the t-shirt in half.

fold the t-shirt in half

Then, fold the sleeves in towards the body.

fold in the sleeves

Lastly, start rolling the t-shirt from the neck down.

roll the t-shirt from the neck down - getting rid of dresser drawer clutter

That’s it! It’s super easy to do and I promise it saves you time in the long run. Plus it will be easier to grab your favorite t-shirt when you’re in a hurry. And you no longer have to worry about jumbled up clothing.

How we fold and place our clothes in the drawers has a major effect on how many we can fit in there. On laundry day, remember to fold, or roll, your clothes and put them away the same way each time. This will eventually become a habit and your dresser drawers will always be nice and organized.

And they’ll shut, too!

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Getting Rid of Dresser Drawer Clutter
getting rid of dresser drawer clutter
how to fold a t-shirt

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53 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Dresser Drawer Clutter”

  1. Growing up, we never threw any stained or worm clothing away. It Always became a rag or dog bedding, and we Always salvaged the buttons off of whatever it was. I can’t stand to waste anything; it’s built into me! Good ideas, Michelle.

    1. I know what you mean about wasting things. I hate to do that, too. I still have a jar full of buttons that my grandma had saved. I’ve been adding to it over the years, too.

  2. Oh goodness! I swear you must have done laundry in my house after this post!! So hate putting stuff away in Michaels dresser because he has SO many T-shirts!! Now I’m going to try rolling them!! Hopefully it helps!! Thank u for the tips!!

    1. Haha! For a long time I would leave my husband’s (Mike!) t-shirts on his side of the bed because I didn’t want to fight with them! I figured he could deal with it himself. πŸ˜€ I hope rolling the t-shirts helps you! After a while it becomes a habit. πŸ™‚

  3. My mother would have a fit at the suggestion of rolling tops and t-shirts, and yet I’ve got a feeling they’re not going to end up hugely creased by doing that. And it could be a lot better than layers of folded tops that you can’t get to the underneath layers of (and of course then you end up with a total jumble any time you try). Argh, frustrates me! I’ve also got two boxes of clothes after my three-drawer chest collapsed and I didn’t want to buy new big furniture until/unless we move, same problem there with the mess. Want to come sort my drawers, Michelle? Love your tips, they always make me want to desperately get more organised like I used to be! xx

    1. That’s true that rolling the shirts instead of folding doesn’t leave a crease. I use to be really bad about wanting the shirt on the bottom of the pile and leaving the jumbled mess in the drawer forever. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that your three-drawer chest collapsed. I hope you’re able to move soon so you can get a new one. Thank you so much for your kind words!!

  4. I love a good clothes declutter, and it’s probably the thing I’m best at decluttering since I’m pretty strict on my every-6-months-rule. Rolling your clothes is a great tip, and one that I’ve used before! Problem is I eventually get out of the habit and go back to stuffing everything in!

    1. Decluttering your clothes every 6 months is a great idea. I need to do that because I’m pretty sure I have some dresses from 3 years ago. πŸ˜€ It’s easy to just stuff everything in the drawers. I do that and then get frustrated at myself for getting lazy. haha!

  5. I roll up my clothes like that when I’m packing a suitcase, but I never thought to roll them up in my drawers too. It would definitely save a lot of space. Also, that’s a great t-shirt!

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