Pink Grapefruit Room Spray

Make your own room spray with essential oils for a healthier home.

pink grapefruit room spray

For Mother’s Day this year, I made both my mom and Mother-in-law a basket full of handmade goodies. One of the items I made was a homemade room spray using Grapefruit Pink essential oil.

Grapefruit Pink essential oil smells so light and refreshing. It’s great at lightening up mental fatigue and moodiness. And as women we know we can all use something to lighten the moodiness!

Not only is this essential oil great as a room spray, but it can also be added to a carrier oil or to creams and lotions to be used as a natural toner. It works great on oily and blemish-prone skin.

How to Make Your Own Room Spray

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What you need:

materials needed for room spray

Why use colored glass bottles?

Pure essential oils are very potent and may cause deterioration to plastic containers. Therefore, airtight glass containers are best for storing essential oils. Essential oils that are diluted can be stored in plastic containers. Technically since room spray is diluted a plastic container can be used. I just prefer to store my room spray in glass containers just in case.

Sunlight can cause essential oils to expire faster than expected. Amber or blue colored bottles are best at prolonging the life of the oils.

Why use witch hazel?

Witch hazel helps the water and essential oils combine, which helps the scent linger in the air longer. If you want you can use vodka instead of witch hazel, although vodka is more pricey.

Why use distilled water?

Distilled water is the purest type of water there is. Using distilled water is best when you have something that will be sitting for a while, such as room spray. Distilled water prevents contamination of room sprays from impurities that are found in tap water.

However, if you do not have distilled water, you can boil tap water, let it cool, then use for your room spray.

What you do:

Step 1

First, add 20-30 drops essential oil to the bottle. Add more if you want a stronger scent or less if you don’t want a strong scent.

For this recipe I used Grapefruit Pink essential oil blend, but feel free to use any essential oils you like.

step 1 - add the essential oils to the room spray

Step 2

Next, add 1 tablespoon of witch hazel to the bottle. I use a funnel so I don’t spill any, but this is optional of course.

step 2 - add witch hazel

Step 3

After adding the oils and the witch hazel, fill the bottle up with distilled water.

add water to bottle

Tip: Don’t fill the water all the way to the top of the bottle. You need to allow room for the nozzle so the room spray doesn’t overflow. I only fill mine to where the bottle starts to go in at the top.

room spray tip

Step 4

Add the nozzle to your room spray and you’re done! To use your homemade room spray, just give it a little shake each time before spraying. Then spray around the room and enjoy the nice refreshing scent!

Here are some great recipes to try:
Sea Breeze: 10 drops lavender, 10 drops lime, 5 drops spearmint
Herb Garden: 15 drops lemon, 8 drops rosemary, 5 drops thyme, 5 drops spearmint
Island Living: 15 drops sweet orange, 10 drops ylang-ylang, 10 drops ginger
Lemonade: 20 drops lemon, 5 drops basil, 5 drops spearmint

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Room Spray Label

I added a label to my bottles so my mom and mother-and-law would know what was inside. If you’re giving this as a gift, it’s a good idea to include directions on the label as well.

What you need:

  • Paper bag (you can grab 100 of these at Walmart for around $2)
  • Packaging tape
  • Marker
paper bag for room spray label

Step 1

Tear a small piece off the paper bag and rip the edges off. This gives the label a more rustic look. Hold it the ripped piece up to the room spray bottle to make sure it looks right. If it’s too big, just keep ripping the edges down until it’s the right size.

ripped paper bag piece

Step 2

With the marker, write the name of the room spray on the ripped bag piece. Place the label on the bottle and cover with the packaging tape.

Room Spray Label

Once your label is done and attached, you can tie on a ribbon or jute string to dress the bottle up a little.

add jute or a ribbon to the room spray bottle

That’s it! This is such an easy recipe and makes your home smell so good!

Room sprays make excellent housewarming gifts as well as gifts for family, friends, neighbors, and teachers!

Have you ever made your own room spray?

If you make your own, I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram, Twitter, or feel free to share it on my Facebook page.

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Pink Grapefruit Room Spray
Pink Grapefruit Room Spray
Room spray DIY

Thank you for sharing!

78 thoughts on “Pink Grapefruit Room Spray”

  1. christinafayerepurposed

    I bet this smells so good! I love giving handmade items as gifts. I know your mom and mom-in-law will be very happy! Hope you are well πŸ™‚

  2. Grapefruit is the BEST scent ever! I will look into making this once I buy a house. I’m missing the glass jars and distilled water. Good to know that there are natural alternatives. I don’t plan on buying any more store-bought room sprays. ??

  3. I love this idea. When we were selling our house a while back, we heard that something with a citrus smell was recommended to spray in your home before someone came to look at it. It was a win-win because we enjoyed the scent too. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. That’s a great idea! Thank you for the tip. I’ll remember that when we put our house up for sale. I keep worrying that with 2 cats and a dog there’s going to be a weird smell that I’m used to, but others will notice. haha!

  4. I started making my own ‘spray before you go’ concoctions and I certainly should make some of this room spray. I think the pink grapefruit oil will be a lovely scent for any room and would be a great gift for a house warming.

      1. I think I’ll see if I can get in to the store where I normally buy my essential oils without having to stand in line, 30 deep! If not I’ll order some of the grapefruit eo online. I think I would like that one. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the room spray recipe. πŸ™‚

  5. I would really like to try these recipes. The grapefruit sounds lovely, but I think the Sea Breeze would be my favourite (or the lemonade) … I need to save this post ?

  6. Oh my goodness I bet this room spray smells AMAZING! Love the scent of citrus! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  7. This sounds like such a lovely room spray. I bet it is really refreshing, and a bit nicer than a lemon spray.
    Also what a fab idea with the labels!
    I made a room spray once before with essential oils to keep mosquitoes at bay.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  8. LOVE this gift you gave to the mothers in your life. What a brilliant idea. πŸ˜‰ Coming from you — I’m not surprised in the least!

    I can almost smell the refreshing scent through this screen. I didn’t know that pink grapefruit oil was so good for oily, acne prone skin though. Hmm, interesting! Natural skin care can’t be beat in my opinion. Lord only knows where those chemicals go after they sink into our skin! ?

    The lemonade room spray recipe sounds divine too! Lemon always wakes me right up and makes me feel so much happier and focused. I suppose that’s why the color yellow in general is supposed to work the same way.

    Awesome share Michelle! Thank you. β™₯

    1. Thank you! They loved it, too. πŸ™‚ I love natural skincare, too because I’m sure those chemicals from store-bought products are floating around in our bloodstreams. How scary!
      Lemon wakes me up, too! Yellow is such a happy color – it’s even the color of my car! haha! πŸ˜€

  9. What a brilliant idea! I keep buying reed diffusers and such and I never thought of making a room spray myself, gotta give it a try. Also, I love the label, such a simple and creative idea πŸ™‚

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