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11 Things You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Bedroom

There’s more to cleaning your bedroom than just vacuuming, dusting, and the laundry. Take a look at this list of 11 things you’re forgetting to clean in your bedroom. You’re going to be very surprised!

things you're forgetting to clean in your bedroom

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When it comes to cleaning in the bedroom, certain things can get overlooked but cleaning these things is essential to our health. Breathing dusty air for 8 hours a night isn’t exactly easy on your respiratory system. If you have allergies or asthma, the dust can cause a major flare-up.

Not to mention the grime and filth you’re sleeping on every night. Gross!

Let’s get down and dirty and take a look at this list of 11 things you’re forgetting to clean in the bedroom.

11 Things You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Bedroom

1. Closet shelves

Closet shelves need to be kept clean no matter how many shelves there are. To clean the closet shelf, you’ll need to remove everything from the shelf and give it a thorough dusting on top and bottom. Regular dusting keeps the spiders away.

2. Closet floor

Moving everything off the closet floor on vacuuming day is inconvenient, but it’s worth it for clean clothes and shoes. Make sure to vacuum the closet floor at least once a month.

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3. Under the bed

Over time, dirt, fuzz, and dust bunnies make their way under your bed, which becomes a sanctuary for bugs if not taken care of. Allergens may also build up under the bed if it’s not cleaned regularly. Move the bed out of the way if possible and vacuum under it every few months. If you can’t move the bed, use the vacuum’s hose to get under there.  

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4. Ceiling fan

The number one thing you might be forgetting to clean in your bedroom is your ceiling fan. I know it’s mine! Dust accumulates quickly on the top of the fan blades and when the fan is turned on that dust starts flying through the air. Fan blades should be wiped down at least twice a year, if not more often.

To easily dust the fan blades without sending the dust flying everywhere, place a pillowcase over the blade and slide it off. The dust collects inside the pillowcase and when you’re done, shake the pillowcase outside and toss it in the wash.

5. Window treatments

Window treatments are dust magnets no matter what type you have (blinds, shades, drapes, etc.). Dust flies off into the air every time you open them. If you can’t wash the drapes or curtains then vacuum them with the vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment. Or take them outside and beat the dust out of them. While the curtains are down, dust off the curtain rod. Blinds or shades can be dusted off with a microfiber cloth.

6. Windows and doors

Molding along the top of your windows and doors can collect a good amount of dust as well. The next time you’re cleaning your bedroom, give those areas a quick dusting. While you’re working on cleaning the door area, use a vinegar/water solution to clean away the film of germs that are sitting on your doorknob and light switch.

7. Lamps and lampshades

Lamps collect a lot of dust and they can also hold a lot of germs. Use the vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean off lampshades and use the vinegar/water solution to wipe off the knob or pull chain.

8. Picture frames

Another thing you’re likely forgetting to clean in your bedroom is picture frames. However, these need to be wiped free of dust regularly and the glass needs to be cleaned as well. Spiders like to hang out behind picture frames on the wall, so take them down and dust the backs often as well.

9. Houseplants

Even though houseplants act as nature’s own air purifier, they still collect dust. Plants covered in dust have a hard time carrying out respiration through their leaves. And they look gross covered in dust. Clean the leaves a few times a year by rinsing the leaves of small plants in the sink or bathtub. Larger plants can be rinsed outside with the water hose or by using a microfiber cloth to gently wipe off the leaves.

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10. Pillows

Pillowcases may protect your pillow, but your pillow still absorbs sweat, hair oil, drool, and dust mites. Check with the pillow’s tag to see how it should be cleaned. Some pillows cannot be washed in the washing machine, but for those that can, use the hottest setting and make sure it’s completely dry before returning it to your bed. Pillows should be cleaned at least every few months, or more often if you have allergies or asthma.

11. Mattress

Mattresses gather dust mites, flakes of skin, sweat, body oils, dust, and shed hair. Give your mattress a thorough cleaning, then flip it head to toe to keep the mattress from developing sags. Click here to learn how to clean your mattress the right way.

What about you? Do you clean these things regularly? Or are they things you’re forgetting to clean in your bedroom?

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11 things you're forgetting to clean in your bedroom
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