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Valentine’s Flower Box and Candles

I have another amazing frugal Valentine’s Day decor idea for you today! And it’s another Dollar Tree DIY, too. Check out how I made this beautiful Valentine’s flower box and candles all from Dollar Tree items.

Valentine's Flower Box and Candles

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Winter has finally hit Virginia. Gusty winds brought in freezing cold temperatures. I’d much rather keep those 60’s and 70’s around, though.

Last Wednesday I shared with you how I made a beautiful Valentine’s Heart Wreath from Dollar Tree items. I promised you I would show you how I made the flower box and candles, too. So today I’m sharing that with you!

The flower box is so easy and quick to make. It will take less than 5 minutes to put together and only cost $4. Can you believe that?

The candles take a little longer, but only because of cutting ribbons and waiting for the glue to dry. Still, it only took me about 10 minutes to put these together and cost $4 to make.

So if you have $8 and 15 minutes, you can put together this beautiful Valentines’ flower box and candles!

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What you need:

Flower Box Instructions

I found this cute little Valentine’s decor at Dollar Tree. I didn’t really like the front so much, but I wanted it more because it was like a little box.

Valentine's Decor

I removed the wooden flower from the front of the box so that it would lay flat when I turned it over.

Valentine's decor

I turned the box over and filled it up with the moss.

add moss to the box

I then took the bunch of roses and popped the flowers off of the stems.

Take the flowers off of their stems

I placed the flowers right on top of the moss. I didn’t glue them down, but you can if you want a more permanent piece.

I used 9 flowers for this – 3 cream and 6 peach.

Add the roses to the flower box

Glass candles instructions

These glass candles were also really easy to make.

I wrapped the ribbon around the glass candle first, close to the bottom. I hot glued the end pieces together at the back of the candle. I just covered the price sticker with the ribbon and burlap.

wrap the ribbon around the candles

Next, I wrapped the burlap around the bottom part of the candle, overlapping the ribbon just a tad bit.

wrap the burlap around the candles

That’s all there is to making this Valentine’s flower box and candles. So quick and easy to make and I just love how they turned out!

Valentine's Flower Box and Candles
Valentine's Flower Box and Candles
Valentine's Flower Box and Candles

What do you think? Will you make this elegant Valentine’s flower box and candles for your home?

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Valentine's Flower Box and Candles

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