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Valentine’s Heart Wreath

Are you looking for beautiful yet frugal ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day? This romantic Valentine’s heart wreath is both! Using only a few items from Dollar Tree, this wreath will set the tone for your romantic Valentine’s Day this year.

Valentine's Heart Wreath

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I usually do not decorate for Valentine’s Day, but this year I decided to put a few things out. Dollar Tree has these beautiful peachy pink colors and I just fell in love when I saw them! They look so delicate and romantic. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

After elementary school, I never really liked Valentine’s Day anymore. However, when I was in elementary school I loved it. I loved decorating my brown paper bag with lots of pink and red hearts and covering them in glitter.

The Valentine’s Party would start after lunch, with homemade cookies and cakes and punch. The kids would walk around the room placing their Valentine’s in all the handmade bags. However, we weren’t allowed to go through our Valentine’s until we got home.

As soon as I walked in the door after school I would dump my Valentine’s bag out on the living room floor. I loved checking each card and seeing who signed it. The cards with the candy were always the best. I still have a few of those Valentine’s cards from elementary school; most of them from my best friends.

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Valentine’s Heart Wreath

This Valentine’s heart wreath is super easy to make, but it is very time-consuming. If you plan to make this wreath, give yourself at least 30 minutes or longer.

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What you need:

This is what the heart-shaped wall decor looks like. It’s covered in red tinsel with the word “love” hot glued to it.

Dollar Tree Heart Decor

What you do:

The first thing I did was remove the “love” word from the heart. It’s very easy to take off because it’s just hot glued on. I put it aside in case I want to use it for a different project.

Then I started removing the tinsel, which is just wrapped back and forth across the heart and around little plastic pegs. It didn’t take very long at all to remove all of it.

Remove tinsel from heart

Next, you’re going to start adding your flowers. As I mentioned above, I purchased roses from Dollar Tree. I used about 15 roses for the top and bottom of the Valentine’s heart wreath and about 20 for the middle.

The colors I chose were a cream color, a light peach color, and a darker peach color. I wanted to give my Valentine’s heart wreath an ombre look.

Roses for the Valentine's Heart

I popped all the roses off of their stems.

Take the flowers off of their stems

Now comes the time-consuming part of the Valentine’s heart wreath – hot gluing on all the flowers.

I started at the top part of the plastic wreath and worked my way down, placing the different colors on about 2 grids. Let me show you what I mean.

I placed the first flower at the dip in the plastic wreath, then I went up and around until I had two rows of flowers.

Start at the top of the plastic wreath
Add the cream flowers to the top of the Valentine's heart wreath

For the next layer, I used the light peachy pink roses. I also did 2 rows of these flowers.

2nd layer of flowers

On the last layer, I used the darker peach-colored roses.

Valentines' Heart Wreath

If there were any holes between the flowers, I just hot glued the petal together to cover them up. This makes the wreath look fuller, I think.

Next, I added some cute burlap that I found at Dollar Tree to the back of my Valentine’s heart wreath so that I could hang it.

Burlap ribbon for hanging
Add ribbon to the back of the Valentine's Heart Wreath
Valentine's Heart Wreath
Valentine's Heart Wreath

Next week I’ll show you how I made the candles and the flower box!

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine's Heart Wreath

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