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Easy No-Sew Fabric Hearts for Valentine’s Day

These fabric hearts are easy to make because there’s no sewing involved! Follow the simple instructions on how to make your own easy no-sew fabric hearts for Valentine’s Day.

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Can you believe we’re already into the second month of the year?

Since we’ve started a new month it’s time for a new monthly challenge hosted by Terrie from Decorate & More With Tip. Be sure to check out her blog for some great projects!

Also, I will post the blog links to the other great bloggers who participated in this month’s challenge at the bottom of my post. Don’t forget to check them out before you leave as well.

Let’s get started!

February Challenge

Since Valentine’s Day is during the month of February, it only makes sense that this month’s challenge would be all about hearts. I was so excited to do this challenge because I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Actually I had 2 projects I wanted to create, but creating the fabric hearts was number 1 on my list.

I have so many pieces of scrap fabric, even though I don’t sew. I keep telling myself I’m going to pull out my grandma’s old sewing machine one day and learn how to use it. However, I’ve been telling myself that for years now.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does that!

When I saw that this month’s challenge was going to be all about hearts, I dug through my fabric scrap pile to see what I had. And that’s how these easy no-sew fabric hearts were born.

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Easy No-Sew Fabric Hearts

What you need:

Materials needed for easy no sew fabric hearts

What you do:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do when making your easy no-sew fabric hearts is to cut your fabric. I didn’t really measure before cutting; I just cut them as to how big I wanted. I think in the end they measure 5″ tall and 6″ wide.

To cut the fabric hearts out, I folded a piece of fabric in half, then cut out half the heart shape. I used that as my guide to cut the other piece. I just laid the fabric heart on top of another piece of fabric and cut around it. You need 2 pieces to make one heart.

Step 1 - cut out the fabric hearts

Step 2

Next, lay the fabric hearts on top of each other, right sides facing out, and glue the edges together.

Be careful because the glue soaks through the fabric and it’s hot! My mom gave me some of these silicone finger protectors for Christmas and they are amazing! They really help protect your fingers from getting burned while working with hot glue.

Make sure to leave a small opening in the fabric heart so you can put the fiberfill in.

Step 2 - glue the fabric hearts

Step 3

Cut a little rectangle out of a separate piece of fabric, preferably a lighter color so that you can see the stamped letters. Then just stamp the letters on the fabric. I chose the word “love” for one heart and “xoxo” for the other.

Step 4 - stamp the letters on the fabric hearts

Step 4

Glue the words onto the heart with the hot glue.

step 4 - glue the words

Step 5

Fill the easy no-sew fabric heart with a small amount of the fiberfill. Don’t overstuff because then the glue will not hold.

After you finish stuffing your heart, close up the hole with the hot glue.

Step 5 - Fill the fabric heart with fiberfill

That’s it! You’re done with your easy no-sew fabric hearts!

You can decorate them with ribbon or buttons or anything you choose!

Or add a string or ribbon to the top for hanging.

no sew fabric hearts for Valentine's Day
no sew fabric hearts
Easy no sew fabric hearts for Valentine's Day
pin it for later
easy no sew fabric hearts for Valentine's Day

Now let’s see what everyone else has created for this month’s all-about-hearts challenge.

Thank you for sharing!