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26 Unique Items to Sell on eBay (And Actually Make Money!)

eBay is still a great site to sell items on, even if it has been somewhat forgotten. Here’s a great list of 26 unique items to sell on eBay that you can actually make money with!

unique items to sell on ebay

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eBay used to be the best way to sell items and make money online. Now there are a lot more sites out there where you can sell things. However, eBay is still a great site for selling items and making some extra money.

Because they’ve been around so long, eBay is a well-known online marketplace. It’s full of both sellers and buyers.

People sell just about everything on eBay – from handmade items to unique collectibles.

Also, I’ve seen people flipping items to sell on eBay. They purchase cheap items from thrift stores or websites and turn around and sell them at a higher price on eBay.

In case you’re wondering what you can sell on eBay, keep reading for a list of 26 surprising items you can make a profit with selling on eBay.

If you haven’t already, sign up for eBay here.

What do you need to sell on eBay?

You don’t need a lot of stuff to start selling on eBay. However, you will need these items to make selling easier:

How to make the most money with eBay

A great tip for making the most money selling on eBay is the Advanced Search feature.

The Advanced Search link is found at the top right of your screen right beside the “Search” button.

eBay advanced search tool

This tool allows you to search the “sold prices” for items similar to what you’re selling. That way you can see what your competitors are charging to sell these items.

If you are flipping thrift items for profit, you need to check the value of the item first!

Remember: When using the Advanced Search tool, always check for the sold price, not the current price.

Also, keep in mind that not everything you list on eBay will sell. If something isn’t selling, more than likely it’s because the price is too high or nobody really wants it.

4 Things to Ask Yourself Before Listing

  1. Is there a demand for the item? Does it sell well?
  2. Is there competition? How much?
  3. What’s the best price it sells for?
  4. How much will it cost to ship?

Where should you look for stuff to sell on eBay?

  • Your own home
  • Yard and garage sales
  • Craigslist
  • Auctions
  • Estate sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Facebook Marketplace
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Unique Items to Sell on eBay

Note: I can’t guarantee that everyone will make a lot of money selling these items. These are items that I have seen do very well. However, what has sold well in the past may not always sell so well in the future. It all depends on the market.

1. Toys from the 80s and 90s

People love reliving their childhood (myself included). I love browsing through sites and looking at toys that I used to play with as a child. People are also purchasing these toys to either use as decorations in their homes or as gifts for their children or grandchildren.

Some toys to consider selling include:

  • My Little Pony
  • Teddy Ruxbin
  • Cabbage Patch
  • Furbies
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2. Old puzzles

Puzzles are easy to find at thrift stores and yard sales and are great items to flip and sell on eBay. Rare and hard to find puzzles sell really well. The challenge is making sure all the puzzle pieces are in the box.

People also purchase puzzles to use the pieces in craft projects. So if you have a puzzle with missing pieces, you can still sell it. Just target the crafting audience.

3. Disney items

Just about anything Disney will sell on eBay. If you have several items of the same category, such as DVDs, bundle them together. Disney items that sell well include:

  • Vintage mugs
  • Dolls
  • DVD lots
  • Funko Pop characters
  • Figurines
  • Snow globes

4. Barbies & Barbie accessories

Barbies can be sold as individual dolls or in lots. When selling them in lots, group them together in related categories, such as “Christmas Barbies”. Barbies that are in poor condition will also sell because people use their parts for craft projects.

Barbie accessories can also be sold in lots on eBay. Consider putting a bunch of clothing, shoes, and other accessories in a bag and selling them as a Barbie grab bag.


Vintage LEGO sets that are still in the box sell amazingly well on eBay and so do collectible LEGOs. Also, assorted LEGOs can be sold in smaller lots and still make quite a bit of money. If you are lucky enough to have an unopened vintage LEGO set, you could be sitting on a lot of money!

6. Swarovski crystal figurines

If you happen to have these items in their original box, they are worth a lot more. However, you can still sell crystal figurines without the box and make some extra money.

7. Vinyl records

Vinyl records are a great item to sell on eBay, especially ones that are in high demand like The Beatles. Our local Goodwill used to have boxes of vinyl records for under $5 per record. These are great for buying and flipping to sell on eBay.

8. Board games

Vintage board games in good condition with all their pieces sell really well. Even new and unopened board games sell for good prices, too. However, if you’re lucky enough to find unopened vintage board games, they will sell the most.

9. Teacups

Teacups are one of those items you have to really watch out for. Check the makers stamp on the bottom of your teacup and compare to ones being sold online. Some teacups can be sold for a lot of money depending on the maker!

10. Pyrex

Pyrex sets in good condition sell on eBay for quite a bit of money. If you have certain colors such as pink or turquoise, or patterned Pyrex, then you could make quite a bit more.

11. Levi’s

Did you know that vintage Levi’s jeans can sell on eBay for over $100? They seem to be a popular brand among certain people, especially in Germany and Europe!

12. Bicycle parts

Just about any part from a bicycle can be sold on eBay. Parts such as frames, wheels, handlebars, and seats seem to sell the best.

13. Picnic baskets

I use to see a lot of vintage picnic baskets at Goodwill. Of course, I never thought of buying them! However, they can sell for over $100, especially if they have all the tableware and accessories still inside.

14. Empty makeup containers

People buy up MAC Cosmetics containers because MAC gives its customers a free lipstick for every 6 containers they return. Bundle together about 10 empty or partially empty containers and sell them on eBay.

15. Back issues of magazines

Bundling together back issues of magazines of the same title sell really well on eBay. I recently saw eleven issues of Country Living from 2015 sell for $12.99.

16. Broken crayons

Melted crayons can be used in a variety of crafts and artwork. If you have a bunch of broken crayons, toss them into a bag and sell them. A 4-pound bag can go for about $15!

17. Egg cartons

My mother-in-law and her husband used to raise chickens to sell the eggs. They were always in need of egg cartons and a lot of times she would look for bundles of them on eBay. Save your egg cartons to sell on eBay for others who need them instead of tossing them in the trash!

18. Product boxes

Empty boxes from certain products can be sold on eBay, too. Recently, an empty American Girl doll box sold for $20! I’m not sure why the empty boxes sell, but who cares if you’re getting paid for them!

Some other empty product boxes that sell well include:

  • shoe boxes (Nike, Adidas, Converse, etc.)
  • cigar boxes
  • Apple iPhone boxes (or computer boxes)

19. Owner’s manuals

Most people just look up owner’s manuals online now, but personally, I like to have the physical book in my hand. If you have owner’s manuals that you no longer need, sell them on eBay.

20. Vacuum cleaner parts

If you’ve recently bought a new vacuum cleaner, sell the parts to your old vacuum. Parts are worth more than the whole vacuum cleaner.

21. Pinecones

During the holidays, large pinecones sell really well on eBay. Home décor pros and crafters love using pinecones in their projects and the bigger the better!

22. Power cords

Power cords to video game systems, cameras, computers, etc. often sell really well on eBay. Even extremely old phone charges and USB cords sell for a great price!

23. Installation CDs

Older computers and printers usually require an installation CD to install the necessary drivers. If you have old installation CDs, sell them on eBay and make a small profit.

24. K-cups

Have you ever bought a box of K-cups just to find out that you absolutely hate the coffee flavor? You can sell the partially used boxes of K-cups on eBay and make back half the money you paid for the box. Be prepared to let buyers know why you’re selling an opened box and be sure to include the expiration date.

25. Dentures

Yep – you read that right. You can sell dentures on eBay. And if you don’t have the dentures, denture supplies, such as adhesive, sell for a lot of money, too.

26. Vintage women’s underwear

You’d be surprised how well and how frequently vintage women’s panties are bought on eBay. I’ve seen a lot of 50 pairs go for $90 with 29 bids! (I hope they were clean!)

Top tips for selling successfully on eBay

1. Take decent photos

Would you buy from your favorite online store if the photos had poor lighting and the background was messy and unorganized?

When you take photos of items to sell on eBay, make sure that you have adequate light and a good camera. Also, lay small items on a poster board or white bedsheet to take photos. And check to make sure you can’t see your messy floor in the background.

Your photos what people are looking for and you want to make a good impression.

2. Pick the right sale format

You have 2 options when selling items on eBay: auction or fixed-price.

Fix-priced items can be listed for up to 30 days. With this option, buyers know exactly what they’re going to pay.

Auctions have a set period from 3 to 10 days that allow buyers to bid on your item. If you don’t know the specific retail value of the item you’re selling, this is the option for you.

3. List all the details

Buyers are looking for all kinds of details before making a purchase. These details include:

  • Color
  • Dimensions
  • Make and model
  • Age
  • Condition
  • Is the original box included? Manual?
  • Are pieces missing?
  • Does it require batteries? If so, what kind?

Be as specific about the items as you possibly can. This will increase your rating because customers won’t feel misled and will give better feedback.

4. Ship items right away

As soon as you receive payment for your item, start processing it immediately. You should be prepared to ship items within 24 – 48 hours after payment.

How quickly you ship the items also affects your rating.

Also, make sure the items are securely packed to keep pieces from getting broken.

5. Put customers first

Even in the digital world, the customer is always right.

You want to get positive feedback from buyers, so make sure to answer any questions they may have right away.

It’s okay to encourage buyers to give feedback. After thanking the buyer for their purchase, ask them to leave an honest review. Remember, they can rate your performance in these categories:

  • Item description
  • Communication
  • Shipping time
  • Shipping and handling charges

Building a reputation with buyers turns one sale into many more!

Head on over to eBay, create an account if you haven’t already done so, and start selling your unused stuff! I’m sure you have something you can sell on eBay!

Have you ever sold on eBay? What’s your experience with selling items on eBay?

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