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How to Make Money Cleaning Your Home

Looking for a way to make a little extra money? Start by cleaning your home! Follows these tips on how to make money cleaning your home and see how much money you can find today!

How to Make Money Cleaning Your Home

Could you use some extra money?

Me, too!

Since we are renovating our home, having extra money is definitely helpful. Renovations are certainly not cheap.

One way I have found to earn some extra money is by cleaning my own home.

Cleaning is something we all have to do whether we want to or not. Every room in the house needs a good cleaning every now and then.

Also, a few things we’ve been holding on to for years should be gone through as well.

Cleaning is not exactly my favorite thing in the world to do. However, after the entire house is fresh and clean there’s just such a good feeling in the atmosphere!

Instead of looking at cleaning in such a negative way, maybe we should start looking at the positives. And one of those positives is making some extra money.

Keep reading for 6 easy tips to make money while cleaning your own home!

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6 Easy Tips to Make Money Cleaning Your Home

How to make money cleaning your home

1. Look for spare change

While you are cleaning your home, look for any spare change lying around. Maybe keep a jar next to you while you are cleaning to put the change in.

I tend to find spare change in these spots in my home:

  • Couch cushions or under the couch
  • Pants pockets
  • Laundry room – usually in the washing machine because I don’t check pants’ pockets (oops!)
  • Kid’s room

I keep a jar on a shelf over my washer and dryer. Whenever I find the spare change in the washing machine I put it in the jar. You would be surprised how quickly all that spare change starts adding up!

2. Take advantage of receipts

After grocery shopping, scan your receipts into cash-back apps to put money back in your pocket.

Two easy and fun apps to start off with are Fetch and Ibotta.

CoinOut is another great app to use. This app accepts any receipt while most of them only accept grocery store receipts. I’m sure you have some receipts filling up your pockets or your purse!

To sign up for Fetch Rewards, download the app and use code M2DCN for 2,000 points when you upload your first receipt!

3. Clean out your closet

I don’t know about you, but my closet has a way of overflowing after a while. Take some time to clean out and declutter all the clothes closets in your home. Afterward, organize everything nice and neat so you don’t have to spend hours decluttering so often.

Take your clothes to a consignment shop or sell them online with the PoshMark app or through ThredUp. Facebook Marketplace is another great place to sell your used clothes, especially when it comes to kid’s clothes.

I used to take my daughter’s clothes to a consignment shop and get paid for them. I actually made quite a bit of money! This is a great way to make money cleaning!

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4. Clean off your bookshelf

I have a slight addiction to books. Recently I had to go through my bookshelves and do some downsizing.

In my living room, I had a big bookshelf full of books. And the shelves on my bedroom wall were overflowing with more books. Not to mention the books that were hiding in baskets under the living room end tables.

Make extra money by sorting through your books and making a pile for those books you no longer need or want. Sell them on Amazon or eBay.

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5. Declutter DVDs and CDs

We have a ton of DVD’s and CD’s that we no longer use. They are sitting around collecting dust and taking up space. Years ago we took the DVDs out of their cases and put them into a binder to save space and keep them organized. Now that we have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, we never watch the DVDs.

Sort through your DVDs and CDs and use the Decluttr app to sell them. It’s easy and fast – you ship to them for free and they pay you immediately. How much you get paid depends on the item.

Another option is to sell them in bulk on eBay or Facebook. If you have educational DVDs, consider selling them for a lower price to a homeschool family.

Decluttering and selling your DVDs and CDs online is another great way to make money cleaning.

6. Have a yard sale

An excellent way to make money cleaning your home is to have a yard sale.

While you are cleaning and decluttering the rooms in your home, put unwanted items in boxes. Set a goal to have a yard sale on a certain day, such as the end of the month.

A few years ago we had a yard sale and while we didn’t sell everything, we did make some extra money cleaning out our basement. We got rid of a lot of stuff to make more room and we put some extra money in our pockets.

It’s easier than you think to make money cleaning your home. Just be creative and think outside the box. Search for apps that allow you to sell your items. Look for local consignment shops that accept clothes and home goods.

Making money cleaning is also a great motivation to get your home clean, decluttered, and organized.

Have you found money while cleaning your home? What are the best ways you’ve found to make money cleaning?

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How to Make Money Cleaning Your Home
How to Make Money Cleaning Your Home
Make Money Cleaning Your Home
How to make money cleaning your home
Make Money Cleaning Your Home

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