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Rae Dunn Inspired DIY Soap & Lotion Dispensers

Learn how to create these Rae Dunn inspired DIY soap and lotion dispensers for cheap using 2 items from Dollar Tree. Plus, a free printable font page! No Cricut required.

Rae Dunn Inspired Soap & Lotion Pin

Our bathroom is so close to being complete. Just a few more added details and it will finally be done. Only 1 year and 4 months later. Sigh…

While I’m patiently waiting for the bathroom to be completely finished, I thought I would make these cute Rae Dunn inspired DIY soap and lotion dispensers. I purchased the dispensers at Dollar Tree a while back and decided they needed a makeover to get that gorgeous farmhouse look.

Every time I go to Pinterest I see tons of Rae Dunn inspired DIY decor, but I’ve never broken down and made anything of my own. Since I don’t own a Cricut, I tried to think of a way I could use the font and still make it look good.

After a lot of research, I came across a YouTube video that made perfect sense. And it was so easy, too! There’s no Cricut involved – just some printer paper and packaging tape.

Rae Dunn Inspired Font

I cannot for the life of me remember which website I downloaded the Rae Dunn font from. However, I made a free printable for you so you can use it, too! There are two types – one is bolder than the other. The font I used was the regular one, not bold.

Click here to get the free printable Rae Dunn inspired font for this project.

Rae Dunn Inspired DIY Soap & Lotion Dispensers

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What you need:

What you do:

Start by cleaning the dispensers really well. Remove the pumps and clean those, too. Don’t forget to take off the little plastic piece that keeps the pump in place.

After the pumps are clean, tape the bottoms of them with the painter’s tape. Make sure to get all the way up underneath the rim.

After making sure the pumps are taped really well, spray paint the tops with black, or any color you choose. (I forgot to take a picture after I painted them because I was in a hurry. Oops…)

While the pumps are drying you can start working on adding the Rae Dunn inspired DIY font to the dispensers. This is a fun experiment!

First, print out your font and cut it out somewhat close to the letters. Apply a piece of tape over the paper and rub it really good with a credit card or something similar. (I used a pan scraper.)

Next, drop the paper and the tape into the bowl of water and let it sit for about a minute. (The stickiness will come back after it dries.)

After soaking, start peeling the paper off the tape. You should just be left with letters. Set the paper on a towel to allow it to completely dry.

Now all you have to do is stick your Rae Dunn letters onto the soap and lotion dispensers!

I love how they turned out and they were so easy to do!

And since I already had all the materials on hand this project didn’t cost me a dime to make.

Rae Dunn inspired diy
soap dispenser

Will you give these Rae Dunn inspired DIY soap and lotion dispensers a try?

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Rae Dunn Inspired Soap & Lotion Dispensers

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