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Kirkland’s Knockoff – Chipped Candle Holder DIY

Kirkland's knockoff candle holder

Farmhouse decor doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make it yourself! With just a few items from Dollar Tree, I created this beautiful Kirkland’s knockoff candle holder. Wait until you see how much it cost me to make!

Kirkland's Knockoff Chipped Candle Holder

I’ve been so excited to share this Kirkland’s knockoff with you!

This post is part of a knockoff challenge created by Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip.

For the challenge, we were to find a high-end item we loved and try to create it ourselves for cheaper. Most of you know how much I love Kirkland’s, so I knew exactly what I wanted to make for this challenge.

After my tutorial I will share the other great knockoff challenge DIYer’s posts so be sure to check them all out!

knockoff home decor challenge

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Kirkland’s Knockoff DIY

While I was browsing the Kirkland’s website a few months ago, I came across this beautiful candle holder.

Kirkland's Chipped Candle Holder

To me, it looked pretty easy to make, so I decided to do just that! The best part is it only took a few items to make this Kirkland’s knockoff and some of them I already had at home.

The Kirkland’s candle holder is $14.99 and of course, I didn’t want to pay that for a candle holder I was sure I could make myself. My candle holder ended up costing $4.00!!

Kirkland’s Knockoff Candle Holder

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What you need:

materials needed for Kirkland's knockoff challenge

What you do

Step 1 – paint the pieces

First, spray paint the vase and candle holder and set aside to let them dry.

While the pieces are drying, paint the terracotta saucers with the white craft paint; set aside to dry.

step 1 - paint all the pieces

Step 2 – attach the vase to the saucer

After all the pieces have dried, attach the bottom of the vase to the bottom of the saucer with the E6000 adhesive. Wait a few minutes for it to dry, then flip it over.

step 2 - attach vase to saucer

Step 3 – attach the candle holder

Flip the painted glass candle holder upside down and attach it to the top of the terracotta saucer with the E6000 adhesive. Let it dry for a few minutes.

step 3 - attach the candle holder

Step 4 – attach second saucer

Next, place the second terracotta saucer on the top of the candle holder and glue down with the E6000 adhesive. Set aside and let dry completely.

step 4 - attach top saucer

Step 5 – paint the “chips”

With a dry paintbrush, lightly brush the black craft paint at random places along the saucer sides and the bottom of the candle holder.

For this part, I didn’t have much of a plan. I just looked at the Kirkland’s candle holder and painted some “chips” in the same spots.

step 5 - paint chips for the Kirkland's knockoff candle holder

Step 6 – add the candle and decorate

This is the easiest part – just place the candle on the top and decorate with your Kirkland’s knockoff candleholder!

step 6 - add the candle and decorate with the Kirkland's knockoff candle holder

I love how my Kirkland’s knockoff candle holder turned out. It’s probably one of my favorite Dollar Tree DIY’s!

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Kirkland's knockoff candle holder decorated

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Kirkland's Knockoff Candle Holder

I really enjoyed this knockoff challenge and I hope you enjoyed my Kirkland’s knockoff tutorial.

Do you enjoy creating knockoffs from your favorite stores?

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Kirkland's Knockoff Candle Holder
Kirkland's knockoff candle holder
Kirkland's knockoff candle holder

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