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Silky Skin Spray Recipe

Learn how to make a non-greasy skin spray that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

In the past few years I’ve been working on getting rid of as many chemicals in my home as possible. My daughter has asthma and I know that cleaning chemicals are horrible for her, as well as for my family. There’s all kinds of crazy stuff in those cleaners! Making my own surface cleaner and carpet freshener have been such a huge help! Since I’m making them myself I know exactly what ingredients are going in there and they are much healthier for my family.

I started researching essential oils and how to use them in the past year and took a few DIY essential oil classes. One of the classes was focused on health and beauty and we learned how to make bath bombs and silky skin spray. These were so fun to make, even though my bath bombs turned out a little crumbly.

Making the silky skin spray was so easy and has very few ingredients. The ingredients in this spray mix together to do exactly what the name implies – makes your skin silky smooth! After using this spray, I noticed that while my skin certainly felt silkier, it did not feel greasy as I expected. That’s a plus for me because I don’t like products that make me feel greasy.

Silky Skin Spray Recipe

silky skin spray

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  1. Add glycerin and coconut oil to a 4 oz. glass spray bottle.
  2. Break open the vitamin E capsule and pour into bottle. (I found it easier to cut the very tip of the capsule with scissors.) 
  3. Fill the rest of your bottle up with distilled water, leaving enough space to shake before use.
  4. Spray on your skin and enjoy the silkiness!
silky skin spray2

Let me know if you make some for yourself! I would love to know what essential oil you used and how you like the silky skin spray!

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Silky Skin Spray Recipe
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