10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Lemons

There are so much more to lemons than just the color, scent, and eating. Here are 10 things you didn’t know you could do with lemons!

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Lemons

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I love lemons! The bright color always seems to lift my mood on dark days. The scent reminds me of a fresh, clean home. But, did you know that there are other things that lemons are good for? Check out this list of things you didn’t know you could do with lemons.

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Lemons

Clean and Deodorize Your Kitchen Sink

Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle salt heavily on one half of the lemon. Use the lemon half to scrub down the sides and bottom of your kitchen sink. Now you have a natural cleaning sponge to scrub your sink with! No harsh chemicals here!

Clean Your Microwave

Squeeze the juice from half a lemon into a microwavable bowl filled halfway with water. Add some lemon rinds to the bowl and microwave four minutes. Wipe down the interior of your microwave with a clean cloth.

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Clean Cheese Graters

I hate cleaning my cheese grater so I rarely ever use it. However, I found that running a lemon half over the cheese grater makes it easier! The lemon juice cuts through the fat left on the grater, making clean up a breeze. If only I would have discovered this sooner!

Lighten Dark Skin Spots

As a child, I spent more than enough time outside. Now my adult skin is showing the consequences of all the sun exposure, especially my face. I have a few dark spots, which I would rather live without. The acid in lemons can actually help fade these spots. Just dab a cotton swab or ball in lemon juice and apply directly to the spot. Let the juice dry, wait about 15 minutes, and rinse your skin. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer!

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Perk Up Droopy Lettuce

There’s nothing I hate more than droopy lettuce leaves when I’m craving a sandwich! Soaking the leaves in cold water with lemon juice for about an hour in the refrigerator will help it regain its crispness!

Detox Your Body

Before you grab that coffee mug first thing in the morning, have a glass of water with lemon juice. The lemon juice is great for digestion. It’s also great for your liver! An added bonus: I’ve read it helps you lose some weight. That’s always a plus.

Cook Perfect Rice

We have rice about once a month or so in our house. I always get so frustrated because it sticks together so much. However, to get beautiful, fluffy rice, just add a little bit of lemon juice to the water while boiling!

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Lemons

Whiten Fingernails

I used to keep my fingernails painted when I was younger and that stained them. If you have stained fingernails like I did, just rub a lemon slice on them. It helps whiten and brighten them!

Freshen Up Stinky Trashcans

I usually pour a little bit of baking soda in the bottom of my trashcan and leave it there for a while. It takes care of any odors from the trash. You can also toss a few lemon rinds in the bottom of your trashcan to make it smell fresh.

Repel Insects

We usually have ants tracking through our kitchen in the summertime. Most insects, including ants, hate the smell of lemon. I put some lemon juice with water in a spray bottle and spray around my doors and along the backs of my kitchen counters. (I sometimes use lemon essential oil in place of lemon juice.)

There you have it – 10 things you didn’t know you could do with lemons. Is there anything that you have found that you can use lemons for? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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65 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Lemons”

  1. I love this Michelle! So helpful! Never thought of rubbing a lemon over the sink to clean it or to clean the microwave. Life hacks are still so big now. This post could go viral! Promote it as much as possible ?❤️.

  2. Those are all amazing uses Michelle. The only one I use currently is having a glass of water with lemon juice in the morning. I love all the other uses and will definitely be trying some of them. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I’ll also try lemon on the ants. I’ve tried peppermint, as that’s supposed to repel them, but it didn’t work on the once we have here in Cape Town. I recently found out that the majority of our ants aren’t native, but come from Argentina. Who would’ve believed that?

    1. I tried peppermint, too and had no luck. The lemon seems to really help. That’s interesting about the ants not being native! 🙂

  4. My boyfriend cuts up lemons & grinds them in the sink drain! He says it prevents the sink from smelling like old food.

    Great tips, Michelle!! I’ll have to try the juice on my nails since mine are always painted.

  5. cut up lemons and throw it bathtub when before your shower to refresh your body to have a good deep thinking with your problems and to renew your outer layer from your skin,i am always doing this

    1. Thank you! I just used that one yesterday. Not only did it make it easier to clean, it also got rid of the burned popcorn smell. Oops! 😀

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  8. Thanks for sharing these ideas Michelle! I always learn new things from your posts. I share your feelings re. cheese graters. I’m like you. I can’t stand the thing so much that it’s ended in the bin and I no longer buy. Never understood why this thing is made this way. It may grate the cheese but what a pain to clean. I never knew lemon would do the trick.I also love your idea to use lemon to clean the microwave (another beast I don’t like cleaning and these days I avoid using it to avoid the bloody clean). I’ll give these a try in the near future. I love the fact you don’t need to run to the grocery store to buy cleaning products with all these ideas. So much better.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad my posts are teaching people new things. 😀 I always avoided using the cheese grater because I hated cleaning it! And since we use the microwave so often, I have to clean it out more. Lemon works so well for that! It makes cleaning so much easier and it smells better, too. 🙂

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