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2 Quick and Easy Christmas DIY’s

All it takes is a few minutes and some Dollar Tree supplies to make these 2 beautiful quick and easy Christmas DIY’s.

2 Quick and Easy Christmas DIY's

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I’m still over here crafting up Christmas decorations! Since I haven’t started decorating yet they are piling up in my back room, which is usually where everything ends up until I can put it away.

Of course, I’ll be taking a break from DIY’s and crafts for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I will be at my aunt’s house filling my face with delicious Thanksgiving foods and Friday I’ll be walking all those calories off while shopping with my mom.

To make this short and sweet, I’ll show you how to make these 2 quick and easy Christmas DIY’s. I promise they are super easy to make and they’re so quick that you’ll have time left over to relax!

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Quick & Easy Christmas DIY #1 – Red Truck Wreath

You will need:

Wall art winow cling needed for red truck wreath

What you do:

The first quick and easy Christmas DIY is a red truck wreath. For the background, I used the frame that I made for the farmhouse fall wreath. I just took the letters off and cleaned the glass.

Lay your wreath on your frame to find the center. This is where you place the wall art window cling.

Step 1 - lay the wreath on the frame

Place the wall art window cling in the center of the wreath and smooth out any bubbles.

Step 2 - Add the window cling to the frame

Add bows or other decorations to your wreath and hang.

To hang the wreath add a small Command Hook to the top center of the frame.

Step 3 - Add bows and hang

That’s it! I told you it was a quick and easy Christmas DIY.

Quick and easy Christmas DIYs

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Quick and Easy Christmas DIY - red truck wreath

Quick & Easy Christmas DIY #2 – Swag Wreath

You will need:

Materials needed for swag

I had the ribbon in the picture above because I was planning to make my own bow. However, that did not work out so well. I ended up using a big bow from my Christmas ornaments stash.

What you do:

Pull the branches out from the tree so that they are not so flat. Pull them towards the front so that the back is flat. This is going to go against the wall or door, so you want it to hang well.

Turn the tree upside down and attach the bow to the top. The bow I used has a twist tie, so I just twisted it around the end piece. You can also glue it on if you choose.

Hang (or glue) Christmas ornaments down the center of your swag.

Quick and easy Christmas swag

That’s all there is to this one! It takes about 5 minutes to make!

The quick and easy Christmas swag would look great on a wall or a door! Where would you put it?

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Quick and Easy Christmas Swag
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2 Quick & Easy Christmas DIY's

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