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Light Up Spider Web Wreath DIY

This adorable light up spider web wreath was made using Dollar Tree items! If you’re looking for Halloween decor on a budget, this is perfect for you.

Light Up Spider Web Wreath

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It’s hard to believe it is finally October. Where has this year gone? Our local stores started putting out Christmas trees and decorations last month. In the summer! I think Christmas gets more rushed each year. Before you know it we’ll just have Christmas decorations out all year and Christmas will have completely lost its meaning.

So before Christmas, let’s first get to Halloween. I used to love Halloween and it was always my dream to buy an abandoned hospital or nursing home and turn it into a haunted house. That dream died as I grew older because things like that just don’t scare me. However, I would still love to own an abandoned hospital or nursing home. I know…weird.

Halloween decorations for me are quick and easy and cuter than spooky and scary. Speaking of cute Halloween decorations, let me show you how I made this easy light-up spider web wreath for less than $5!

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Light Up Spider Web Wreath

What you need:

Light Up Spider Web Wreath Materials

What you do:

This light up spider web wreath is so easy to make and only takes about 15 minutes or so. The total cost of making this wreath was $4.

Step 1:

Start by attaching the lights to the metal wreath form. I used some floral garden tape that I had left over. You can get this at Dollar Tree, too. Walmart also has this in bigger rolls.

I was able to wrap all three front sections on the wreath form with one pack of lights.

Step 1 - Attach the lights to the wreath
Step 1 - Attach the lights to the wreath form
Wrap lights all around the wreath form

Step 2:

Cover the entire wreath form with the spider web. It looks messy and it’s supposed to. It is a spooky spider web after all!

This stuff is such a pain to work with sometimes but it sticks really well to the lights and the wreath form.

Light up spider web wreath step 2 - cover with web

Step 4:

Stick the spider into the middle of the light up spider web wreath. I wiggled mine around a little in the webbing to get it to stick really well so he didn’t fall out. The spider I got is plastic but it’s covered with some type of fuzzy material that helped it stick better to the web.

Light up spider web wreath step 4 - add the spider

Step 5:

Now you’re done! All you have to do is plug up your lights and let your spider web glow!

Light up spider web wreath

Do you like to decorate for Halloween? Do you have any Halloween decorating fails you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about them! Comment below!

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Light Up Spider Web Wreath DIY

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