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Haunted Mirror Halloween DIY

Add this spooky haunted mirror to your Halloween decor and scare everyone at your Halloween party!

Haunted Mirror PIN

This past weekend my mom and I went to a church sale hunting for cheap treasures. We were there on the last day of the sale and they were desperate to get rid of everything. Prices were being marked down and they were just giving some things away.

I was lucky enough to come across this old mirror that someone had spray painted. There was no price tag on it so I was a little reluctant to grab it. The original price tag on the back of the mirror said it was $20, so I thought it was going to be more than I wanted to pay for it.

When I asked a nearby lady working the sale how much they were asking for the mirror she said, “Oh, how about $2?” Um….okay!! Needless to say, that beauty came home with me!

The mirror was originally painted gold and the owner spray painted right over it with black spray paint. It looked as though it had been sitting a while because dust had gathered in the flowers around the edges.

Old mirror
Dusty Mirror Edges

I decided to take the mirror completely apart so I could clean it up and give it another coat of spray paint to cover up the gold peeking through.

back of haunted mirror

You can see how dirty the mirror was! And I’m guessing by the looks of it that when whoever spray-painted over the gold did not take it apart first.

dirty mirror for haunted mirror

After a little scrubbing, I got most of it clean. There were a few spots that were just not coming off, especially the paint. I knew it was going to be covered up anyway so I didn’t try extra hard to get that off.

Making the haunted mirror

To make the haunted mirror you need an old black and white photo either from a book or printed offline. I found this image on Pinterest and just customized it to the size I wanted, then printed it out. I made sure my printer was set to black and white ink so that it wouldn’t use so much ink.

Printed haunted photo for haunted mirror

With a razor blade, scrape off the coating on the back of the mirror very carefully. You’ll want to scrape the grey part and once you get down to the mirror there’s a coating on it. I found it easier if I scraped it in circular motions. This part took me the longest!

scrape the

Make sure to hold the photo up to the haunted mirror to see if you need to keep scraping or not.

When you have the coating scraped off and everything looks good to you, tape the black and white photo to the back of the mirror.

Tape the photo to the back of the haunted mirror

Put the mirror back in the frame very carefully. As you can see in the photo below I accidentally cracked the mirror because it wouldn’t fit back in under the prongs that hold the back on. When I tried to pull the prong back farther, the mirror cracked. Oops.

That’s it! The haunted mirror looks spooky all decorated for Halloween!

The best part of this project is that it only cost me $2!!

Haunted mirror DIY

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Haunted mirror DIY Pin

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