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4 Inexpensive Halloween DIY’s

Here are four Halloween DIY’s that are very inexpensive to make and will look great with your Halloween decor.

4 Inexpensive Halloween DIY's

Can you believe that Halloween is tomorrow? I cannot believe how fast this month has went by. I guess the busier you are the faster the days go. I’m pretty sure October through January are the busiest months of the year. I look forward to January just so I can slow down and take a break!

My favorite Halloween memory happened when I was a little girl, maybe around 10 or 11 years old. We didn’t live in a neighborhood where you walked around home to home trick-or-treating. We lived in the country where the houses were spread out so we had to drive to each house, however we all knew each other. Which was fine with me because we would get tons of candy!

Anyway, we pulled into the driveway of one of the houses on our trick-or-treating adventure. As soon as my dad parked the car and I opened my door to get out, the transformer above us blew, making a loud explosive sound and sending sparks to the ground below. I almost had to change my pants!

You can imagine how scary that is to a little kid just trying to fill up her Halloween bucket. Monsters and fake haunted houses have never scared me, but that transformer blowing sure did! I’m more afraid of what can really happen than the fake stuff.

What’s your scariest Halloween memory?

Inexpensive Halloween DIY’s

I have gathered all of my Halloween DIY’s for 2019 here in this post for easy access. Three of these DIY’s use Dollar Tree items and one of them uses a thrifted item to keep things cheap.

So if you’re looking for that last minute Halloween DIY, here you go!

Light-Up Spider Web Wreath

This adorable light up spider web wreath was made using Dollar Tree items! If you’re looking for Halloween decor on a budget, this is perfect for you.

Light Up Spider Web Wreath
Light Up Spider Web Wreath

Spooky Haunted Mirror

Use a thrift store mirror and a spooky print out for this spooky haunted mirror Halloween DIY. Scare everyone at your Halloween party!

Haunted mirror DIY Pin
Haunted Mirror DIY

Spooky Crystal Ball

Make this spooky crystal ball using only items from Dollar Tree. A very inexpensive, yet spooky, Halloween DIY.

Spooky Crystal Ball Pin
Spooky Crystal Ball DIY

Creepy Hanging Cage

Using only Dollar Tree items, this creepy hanging cage looks perfect hanging in your yard. This inexpensive Halloween DIY will spook all the trick-or-treating.

Creepy Hanging Cage Halloween DIY
Creepy Hanging Cage DIY
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4 Inexpensive Halloween DIY's

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