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Hurricane Candle Holder DIY

I love hurricane lamps and primitive candles, but some of them are so expensive so I decided to make my own hurricane candle holder!

Hurricane Candle Holder DIY

I’m a tad addicted to Dollar Tree. I love buying things from there and putting them together to make them look like decor pieces you would find at a high end store. My whole house is decorated with items I’ve made using mostly things from Dollar Tree.

When Fall comes around I love to craft! I don’t know what it is about that season that makes me want to pull out all my craft supplies and head to Dollar Tree. Maybe it’s the cooler weather that starts coming in after those long hot and humid days of summer. Or maybe it’s the beautiful colors taking over the green of the trees. Whatever it is, this is my favorite crafting season.

Today I decided to make a hurricane candle holder with a primitive candle. I’ll show you how to make the candle holder as well as the candle. It’s all very easy, but the candle takes a little bit of time because of the drying process.

What You Need:

Glass candle holder
Glass vase
E6000 adhesive
Taper candle
Mod Podge
Spray paint
Coffee grounds
Jute string
Small flower


What you do:

  • Spray paint the candle holder white (or whatever color you choose.) After it dries, use the E6000 Adhesive to glue them together.
  • While that’s drying, make the candle. Grunge them up with cinnamon, instant coffee, and Mod Podge. (The instant coffee and ground cinnamon also came from Dollar Tree.) (Instructions below)

Grunging a candle

  • To make the grunginess (is that a word?) you cover the candle in Mod Podge, then roll it around in a mixture of coffee and cinnamon. There are different ways to do this out there on Pinterest, but this is easiest for me. Plus the cinnamon makes it smell good!
  • You let that dry and then add another layer and let it dry. Keep adding until it looks like you want it to and then finish up with a layer of Mod Podge to seal it. I only did two coats and I was happy with the way they came out.

Beware: it gets messy!!


  • I glued some twine around the top of the candle holder and added a tiny sunflower. I put the finished candle inside and added some moss to the bottom.

I love the way it turned out!!


I think this hurricane candle holder is so cute for a cheap fall DIY. It doesn’t have to be limited to fall, though. Make it for any time of the year!

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Hurricane Candle Holder DIY

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