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Home Renovation Update #12 – The Bathroom Part 4

Come along with us as we renovate our 75 year old home! This home renovation update is part 4 of the bathroom.

Home Renovation Update

Your can see all of our home renovation projects here to catch up.

It’s been a hot minute since I shared our most recent home renovation update and I apologize for that.

When I last updated I was sharing the update to the bathroom and that was way back in May of last year. We got most of the bathroom complete before my husband’s saw quite working and ordering another one became a huge hassle. Covid restrictions were crazy so work had to stop for a little bit.

However, we did manage to keep going and start on the kitchen, which I’ll share later.

Our Home Renovation – The Bathroom Part 4

With the last update, we had gutted the entire bathroom, installed new plumbing, put up the new walls and started tiling. We were working on tiling the floor and the shower/tub area.

Since then, we’ve installed the bathtub and shower and finished tiling the walls. We have all new fixtures and added shelves to the corners to hold all of our stuff.

home renovation update - shower
shower shelves
new shower curtain

Also, we finished tiling the floor. I’m just in love with the pattern in these tiles!

tiled bathroom floor

We also installed a new toilet and a new pedestal sink, which I love!

new toilet and sink

We put in a brand new window. Don’t worry – we painted it white and removed the sticker. But for some reason I didn’t even take a picture of it painted! I guess I just got too excited to have it done.

bathroom window
new bathroom window
home renovation update - the bathroom

For the shelves and the bathroom mirror, we made our own!

We used wood boards and stained them a darker color. To hold the shelves in place we painted galvanized pipe fittings black and attached them to the shelf, then the wall.

There are two shelves over the toilet and one towel bar shelf.

over the toilet shelves
Shelves over the toilet
towel bar
bathroom shelves

Beside the toilet, we installed a handmade toilet paper roll holder with a little shelf.

We made it the same way we made the shelves over the toilet.

toilet paper roll holder

We also added new lights over the mirror, which I love.

bathroom mirror

Beside the bathtub, there was a little closet area. We took that out and made our own floating shelves. Underneath the shelves is a built-in area that will eventually have a drawer and a cabinet for more storage.

closet shelving

Here are some before and after pictures so you can compare. I have to admit – the before pictures are quite embarrassing! But I’m so thankful to have the after pictures!

home renovation update before and after #1
before and after #2
before and after #3

Now all we have left to do is add the trim along the top of the walls, add the doors to the built-in cabinet and install the drawer front. And our bathroom will finally be complete!

Have you been working on any home renovation projects lately?

Thank you for sharing!