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15 Frugal Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Check out this amazing list of 15 frugal gift ideas for teen girls! Hint: it’s stuff they will actually love!

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Being a teen is hard. It’s the weird in-between age, which makes it hard to know what they want.

They’re too old for toys, yet still want to play with them.

And they’re too young for more adult gifts, although they think they can have them.

So what do you get a teen girl for Christmas?

Keep reading for some amazing gift ideas for teen girls that they’ll actually love! (Even though they’ll never tell you that.)

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Frugal Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

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Mani Pedi Gift Basket

Grab a basket from Dollar Tree and add items for an at-home mani pedi. Great ideas for this basket include:

  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish remover wipes
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail files
  • Lotion
  • Pumice stone
  • Fuzzy socks

Wrap the basket of goodies in pretty cellophane and tie together with a pretty bow. All for under $10!

Blind Bags

My daughter is turning 14 soon and she loves blind bags. I have to admit that I kind of love them, too. Some of them are so cute! This one is the one my daughter is asking for this year.

You can find them for $15 and under on Amazon.


Teen girls are rarely seen without their phones in their hands. PopSockets make phones easier to hold (so they won’t drop them while scrolling and walking). And they can be used to hold the phone upright on a flat surface.

Most of them $10 and under on Amazon.

Bracelet sets

Stretch bracelet sets are very trendy right now, making them great gift ideas for teen girls. Kohl’s has a cute black and silver set on sale right now for under $15.

Or join the bracelet club at Elevated Faith and get 3 bracelets in a limited edition pouch every month for only $15. Plus a portion of their sales goes to charities around the world.

Join the Elevated Faith bracelet club here.

Photo clip lights

How cool are photo clip lights? They are string lights, but also clips for hanging things like photos and cards. Teen girls can put them in their rooms so they can hang photos of their friends, family, and pets.

$14.99 at Amazon or only $12.74 for Prime members.

Lip balm sets

You can never go wrong with lip balm, especially during the winter. Target has an adorable lip balm set for only $9.99. It looks like a book and has a cute little story on the inside along with 10 lip balms in holiday flavors.

Lotion sets

Ulta has an adorable lotion set that comes with 3 lotions, a zipper bag, and 3 hair pom-poms all for $15. And they smell like cakes!

Makeup mirror

Teen girls need a lighted mirror to apply their makeup. Amazon has one with 22 LED lights, touch screen dimming, and 10 times magnification for only $11.98!

Makeup brush set

Of course, teen girls going to need new makeup brushes to go along with their new makeup mirror. You can get a 16-piece set at Amazon right now for only $9.99!

You Matter Subscription Box

Send your teen girl a box every month that tells them that they matter. This box was developed by a school counselor who found that many teens were feeling alone, depressed, and suicidal. Therefore a box was created filled with encouraging and uplifting items to show them that they matter. What a cool idea! And it’s only $5 a month!

Sign up for a monthly subscription box here.

Coloring book and markers set

Coloring is for any age, not just for kids. (I still love to color!) Coloring books and markers make great gift ideas for teen girls. I love this inspirational coloring book (only $6.99) and these markers (only $7.89). Together they are still under $15.

Amazon Audible Membership

Sign your teen girl up for an Amazon Audible Membership so they can listen to books any time, anywhere.

Click here to get a 30-day free trial to Amazon Audible to try it before you buy it.

Or, if they’d rather read books on their tablets or phones, sign up for a Kindle Unlimited membership plan.

You can get a free one-month trial here.

Movie night

Give your teenage girl a movie night with her friends (or with you if she’ll allow it!). Place a DVD in a basket along with a bag of popcorn, and movie candy. You can find DVDs at Walmart on Black Friday for $5 and candy for only $1. Buy a box of popcorn from the grocery store and pop it yourself, then put it in a big bowl from the dollar store to save even more. All for under $15!

Selfie ring light

Teen girls love taking selfies and don’t even get me started with Tik Tok videos. (My daughter doesn’t like me right now because I won’t let her have Tik Tok. Insert eye roll emoji.) However, she does have a selfie ring light, which fits onto her phone. (It fits any phone). Amazon has these right now for only $9.99!

Gift cards

Gift cards are always the perfect gift ideas for teen girls. My daughter loves getting gift cards because she can go online and pick out whatever she wants for herself.

Choose a gift card from her favorite store, put it in a huge box, and place it under the tree for Christmas day. She’ll never guess what’s in there!

Do you have a teen girl to buy gifts for this Christmas? What are your favorite gift ideas for teen girls?

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Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

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