Pumpkin Patch Weekend

This weekend I was able to put four check marks on my Fall to-do list: road trip, corn maze, hayride, and pumpkin patch. I’ve already crossed off going to an apple festival. Six more to go!

My family and I took a mini road trip to a farm about an hour away from where we live. There were quite a few activities to do there such as games, a small area where you could feed the animals, live music, food, hayrides, a corn maze, and a pumpkin patch. This year there was also a mini-museum set up in one of the barns that told about the history of the farm and the area surrounding it. Since we’ve been visiting this farm for about 6 years, it was interesting to see the history behind it.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch - Pig

After we paid and got our wristbands we walked around to look at the cows and donkeys. We also got to see Opal, a 600 pound mama pig, and her piglets. They were so cute all snuggled up together!

Pumpkin Patch - cows
Pumpkin Patch Donkeys
Pumpkin Patch Pig
Piglets at the farm

This turkey had managed to get out of the fenced in area and was walking around with everybody. He didn’t mind the crowd of people at all. I guess he’s used to it by now. He was so pretty! The other turkey could not get out of the area so he’s looking at his friend in awe.

turkey on the farm

After visiting the animals and the mini farm museum in the barn, we went on a hayride.

fun at the pumpkin patch
beautiful sky

The hayride stops at the beginning of the corn maze. This sunflower was so pretty with the bees on it! I just had to stop and take a picture.


Then we went through the corn maze, which was surprisingly quite long and took us a while to get through.

corn maze

We made it without getting lost!

corn maze going into the pumpkin patch

The maze comes out into a big field with slides on both sides and straight across on the hill. There’s also a hay tower for kids to climb on, swings, and the pumpkin patch.

pumpkin patch

After a fun-filled day we picked our pumpkins and headed out to dinner.

picking a pumpkin
hay rides

The sky was so pretty! It was such a beautiful day. The weather ended up being perfect after a rainy morning.

How was your weekend?

Thank you for sharing!

28 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Weekend”

  1. Michelle, that sounds like so much fun. Your daughter is adorable little girl. I like all the pictures you took. I don’t know why, but places like pumpkin patches feel so peaceful to be in. Like away from everything. It’s nice to have wonderful time with the family. So happy for you. I never been to apple picking. Going to try next Fall.

    1. Thank you! I find pumpkin patches peaceful, too. Even with all those kids running around and screaming I felt so relaxed. I love the hayride the most because I can just sit back and rest for a bit.

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful day! How amazing was that field of sunflowers? Do they farm the seed? The farm looks enormous, no wonder it felt like a long walk through the corn. What a great idea to have a festival. Lucky you getting to go every year with your family, I have never been on a hayride. Looks and sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing the beauty.
    Lots of love L

    1. It was a lot of fun! Yes they have fields full of sunflowers. They are usually taller and brighter but this year our weather hasn’t been the greatest so they are dying faster. ? Still very pretty though! You should definitely go on a hay ride. It’s so much fun!

  3. That looks like a fun outing on a nice sunny day. I love the piglets…so cute in a little pile! Those bees certainly looked happy. We had this flower plant outside our old front door that smelled like licorice. The bees came from far and wide and loved that plant so much that they would spend the night there. My son, who was 2 at the time, was able to pick a bee off the flower with his little fingers, look at it, and set it back on the flower without angering it. (Definitely raised my anxiety levels) Bees are so funny!

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