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Boho Fall Hoop Wreath

Create a beautiful boho fall hoop wreath with these easy to follow steps!

boho fall hoop wreath

Boho wreaths seem to be the thing right now and I just love them! I think they are just so pretty.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed in my home renovation photos that our house does not have a front door. Weird, right? It’s actually on the side of the house.

If I hang a wreath on my front door, no one really sees it, especially since I never have any visitors. Sometimes I’ll hang a wreath in the picture window in the living room, but mostly I just hang them up inside somewhere.

And a boho fall hoop wreath is perfect for hanging up inside!

How to make a boho fall hoop wreath

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What you need:

DIY Felt Flowers

For the felt flowers, you will need to print out the pattern, which I provided in the materials list. This pattern is for a large flower.

I only wanted three flowers for my boho fall hoop wreath, but you can make as many as you need. They are super easy to make, but cutting takes a little bit of time.

Step 1

After printing out the pattern, cut it very carefully along the lines. I like to start cutting along the flat line, then work my way around the ridges.

Use tape to hold your pattern down onto the felt. It’s easy to just cut right through the tape. Then just cut the pattern out again in the same way.

When you get to the center of the pattern you’ll have a small circle of felt left over. Save that because you will need it for later.

Step 2

Apply a line of glue along the flat edge of the felt, then roll the felt all the way around to the other end, creating a flower shape.

Step 3

Remember that little circle you had left over when you cut the felt flower out? Grab that and put some hot glue around the edges, then glue it to the back of your felt flower.

Continue these steps to make as many flowers as you need for your boho fall hoop wreath. As I said, I made three for mine.

felt flowers for boho fall hoop wreath

Putting the boho fall hoop wreath together

Now that the felt flowers are complete, you can start putting together the hoop wreath.

My mom gave me this yarn last year and I loved it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it at the time, but I’m glad I decided to use it for this project. I have no idea where she got the yarn or what brand it is, but I included a link to a similar type in the materials list.

Step 1

Fold the ribbon/yarn in half, then take the loop part at the top and lay it under the hoop. Then fold the loop over and pull the bottom strands up through the loop making a knot. (Hopefully, the photos make more sense.)

I only used 6 pieces for this and they were about 45″ long. I did end up trimming them after they were all hung.

Step 2

Now it’s time to add the felt flowers to the boho fall hoop wreath. I just glued them right to the hoop with hot glue and glued a piece of felt to the back to secure them in place.

glue the felt flowers to the hoop

Step 3

The last thing I added to my wreath was a long piece of greenery I had leftover from another project. It was in a bunch of greenery I had picked up at Dollar Tree last summer.

This is optional of course. The pattern comes with a leaf shape that you can use to cut leaves out of felt if you’d rather do that. Or you don’t have to add any leaves at all!

Add a leaf to the hoop

That’s it! The boho fall hoop wreath is now complete so you can hang it anywhere you wish.

Boho fall hoop wreath

The best part about this boho fall hoop wreath is that you can make it in any color you choose. I’m thinking maybe another one for Christmas? Or one for every season!

While the flowers do take a little while to cut out, I actually found it rather relaxing. I’m usually not that patient with time-consuming projects, but I actually enjoyed cutting these out.

Will you be making your own boho fall hoop wreath? If so I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @blessings_by_me_blog!

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