The Best Things to Buy in January

January is a month packed with new opportunities, especially if you’re looking to score a great deal. I’ve put together a list of the best things to buy in January to help you keep money in your pocket!

Best Things to Buy In January

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I hope you had a great Christmas! Ours was nice, but a little too quiet this year. In the past, we’ve always visited my grandparents on Christmas day, but since they’re all spending Christmas in Heaven now, we stayed home and watched Christmas movies.

New Year’s Eve was also mine and my husband’s 16th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it has been 16 years already! We spent the day helping my dad get everything out of their old house since they bought a new house right before Christmas. It was hard seeing the house empty since there were so many great memories of growing up there. But, as my friend Holly said, “the old is passing away and all things are becoming new.” My parents have started a new adventure, and I’m so excited for them!

The start of the new year not only brings great new things, but it also brings great sales! Not everything will be a great bargain this month, however, you can score some great deals if you shop smart. I’ve put together a great list of the best things to buy in January to help you save this month.

What to Buy In January

Christmas Stuff: Stores start discounting items right after Christmas and if you wait until January you can score even greater discounts. Think decorations, ornaments, candy, and wrapping supplies. However, don’t just limit it to these items. You can also get great deals on baking supplies and gift sets, too. Just because the packaging expired doesn’t mean the items have.

This is a great time to stock up on gift sets for upcoming birthdays. You can always take the items out of the package and place them in a gift basket.

Televisions: Many stores, such as Best Buy and Target, put their TV’s on sale at the end of the month, before the Super Bowl. So if you’re looking for a new big-screen TV to watch the big game on, check the sales ads this month before shopping.

Fitness Gear: A lot of gyms offer huge discounts on a yearly membership during the month of January. If you’re serious about joining a gym and sticking with it for a year, now is the time to join.

However, if you know you won’t take advantage of the great deals, then it’s best to skip the membership. You can also find great deals on fitness equipment so you can work out at home.

Gift Cards: Believe it or not, there are sites out there that will buy unwanted gift cards and resell them at a discounted price. Google “discounted gift cards” and a list of sites will come up for you to choose the best deals.

Vacation Packages: Booking a cruise in January will save you money on your upcoming travels during the year. From January to March is “wave season” in the cruise industry. This season is known for its amazing added incentives such as discounted or free excursions, cabin upgrades, and onboard credits.

Hotels are also known for their discounted rates during the month of January. Rewards members and certain credit cardholders can earn extra points on stays throughout the month. Check,, and for more information. is another great site to check. Plus you get cashback for using them!

Seasonal Foods: Save money on your grocery bill in January by eating in-season produce. Since it’s winter, stews and soups are great dinner ideas for those cold nights!

  • Fruits – citrus fruits, apples, pears, lemons, kiwi, and dried fruits.
  • Vegetables – root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, and beets
  • Greens – kale, cabbage, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts

Holiday Returns: A lot of returned items go back to the sales floor after Christmas, but did you know that some of them get marked down and sold as open-box merchandise? And a lot of returns are shipped to discount stores like Ross, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx. I love to shop in these stores because I can get the best deals on items for my home.

Best Sales in January

White Sales: January has been known for its white sales, which happens when stores have deep discounts on certain items to increase their sales. These sales go all the way back to 1878! During white sales, you can find great deals on bedding (sheets and blankets), towels, and more items needed for the home. You can expect discounts of up to 60-70 percent off items.

JCPenney has a great white sale going on during the month of January. Also be sure to check out stores like Belk, Macy’s, and Kohl’s.

Martin Luther King Jr Day Sales: This is not exactly a day I associate with a great sale, but some stores certainly do. This day falls on January 20th and you can find great deals on clothing and home goods.

Now you have an amazing list of the best things to buy in January! What’s on your list to buy this month?

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Best Things to Buy in January to save money

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74 thoughts on “The Best Things to Buy in January”

    1. Thank you! That’s a great idea. I was just reading about people who view January as a “no spend” month. Maybe that’s why all the stores have white sales – to tempt you. ?

  1. Great tips! I try hard to not purchase anything extra in January.
    But… I do have two people who have birthdays… I have to buy for them. Maybe I’ll buy them sheets! Lol!

  2. I’m enjoying these tips! I haven’t even heard of a white sale. But I’m glad I have now. And yeah, I’ve been thinking of getting a new TV and I know now would be the best time. What else is Christmas money for anyway? Haha. Thanks for sharing and informing!

  3. Great ideas! I have also found that January/February is a good time to buy clothing. Stores seem to be clearing out their winter stock to make way for springtime items. Oh, and also: kids’ snow suits! I bought my son’s suit around this time last year for 40 or 50% off.

  4. Aw, Happy Anniversary!! Despite the quietness, I hope you guys had a great Christmas as well. I’m definitely there with you on buying next year’s Christmas stuff right now!

  5. Instead of shopping on the 26th for next year’s Christmas wrap, I waited until the 28th (due to a houseful of fun Christmas visiting). All I could find were Valentines?.

    1. Oh no! We still had a lot left over in a few local stores, but they were already shoving Valentines on the shelves. But that’s okay, visiting is so much more fun. πŸ˜€

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! I love January sales, I bought a couple of Christmas items, I found wrapping paper that doesn’t look like Christmas that I can use for birthday and other occasions throughout the year at 66% off yeahhhh! Thanks for the info on the gift cards I didn’t know this. And I always buy bedding in January. Great post Michelle. xoxo

    1. Thank you! I met a lady years ago that always bought the $1 gloves and kept them in her car. She would hand them out to little kids randomly. I thought that was so sweet of her!

  7. I didn’t see a lot of Christmas stuff left the other day when we were out. I do know about the white sales though. need to look into that.

    Thanks for doing the homework.

    Have a fabulous day and a very Happy New Year. β™₯

  8. Thank you for this useful list! That’s a really good idea to buy discounted gift sets and take the items out their packaging and into a gift basket. That way, it doesn’t even matter if the outside packaging was Christmas themed – the items inside can still be gifted for birthdays!

  9. I like the January sales. I never really though about planning a vacation in January, but it makes sense. You can probably get some really good deals. Thanks for the tips.

  10. First off! Happy belated Anniversary. I always try to shop for Christmas stuff but this year I have lacked the time to do so. I love your list and it is so fitting to have a blog on the great ideas. Happy New Year Michelle.

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