Farmhouse Style Footstool Makeover
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Farmhouse Style Footstool Makeover

A cheap and easy way to give a thrift store or yard sale footstool a cute makeover - farmhouse style. 

DIY Rustic Wooden Cross Wall Decor
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DIY Rustic Wooden Cross Wall Decor

Use a piece of wood, muslin, a burlap flower, and buttons to make this beautiful rustic cross wall decor.

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments
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Mason Jar Lid Ornaments DIY #2

These mason jar lid Christmas ornaments are very easy to make and a lot cheaper than buying high-end ornaments.

Paint Swirl Christmas Ornaments
Christmas, Crafts & DIY, Holidays

Paint Swirl Ornaments

These beautiful paint swirl ornaments only require paint and clear ornaments. They are easy enough that kids can make them, too.

Christmas, Crafts & DIY, Decor, Holidays

Christmas Wreath DIY

I love looking at all the beautiful Christmas wreathes, but some of them are ridiculously expensive! I always make my own wreathes, usually out of Dollar Tree items. I wanted something a little simpler this year. I got this really cute white and silver wrapping paper at Walmart with reindeer on them so I wanted… Continue reading Christmas Wreath DIY

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Crochet Slouch Hats

I've been trying to sneak in some crocheting here and there. It relaxes me so when I'm feeling overwhelmed I grab some yarn and my crochet hook and hunker down on the couch. I've been working on several different patterns for beanies and hats and I just can't find my favorite. I love the faux… Continue reading Crochet Slouch Hats