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How to Have a Clutter-Free Living Room Quickly

We are on the last room in the clutter-free series! Read on to find out how to have a clutter-free living room quickly.

How to Have a Clutter-Free Living Room Quickly

This weekend we will tackle the living room clutter and have a clutter-free living room by Monday! We have worked our way through the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen and this weekend we will work on having a clutter-free living room.

The living room ends up collecting a lot of unnecessary items like pet toys, kid’s toys, papers, extra magazines and books. We need a place we can kick our feet up and relax and having a room full of clutter is overwhelming, not relaxing.

Living rooms have many functions, which can cause items to clutter up fast. In this room we entertain, relax, play, and even eat and exercise for some people. No wonder the living room ends up in piles of clutter!

Clutter-Free Bedroom
Clutter-Free Bathroom
Clutter-Free Kitchen

How to have a clutter-free living room quickly

Surface Declutter

  • Start by looking around the room for any obvious trash and throw it away
  • Look around the room again for clutter items that you know you no longer want. Place these items in a donate box.
  • Look around the room one final time for items you want to keep, but don’t belong in that room; take them and put them where they belong before you move on.

Drawers & End Tables

  • Take everything out of any drawers you have in the living room
  • Throw away any trash, old papers, etc.
  • Go through magazines and throw old ones out
  • Go through CD’s, DVD’s, and video games. Donate or sell older ones that you no longer want (You can sell games, DVD’s, CD’s, and books on for some side cash!)
  • Have television remotes laying around that went to a TV that quit working years ago? Throw them away. Same thing with old video game controllers.
  • Place magazines neatly in a basket and hide away under the end table
  • Place video game controllers and accessories in a basket


  • Pile all the books in the middle of the living room floor
  • Wipe the shelves off
  • Sort through all the books and sort into 3 piles: donate, keep, trash
  • For every book you keep, donate one
  • Wipe the books off as you place them back on the shelf

Kid and Pet Clutter

  • Have a bin for pet toys
  • Use separate bins to keep school photos, art and awards in
  • Storage trunks make a good hiding place for kid’s toys and they function well as an end table or footstool!
  • If the kids are old enough, get them involved. Have them take their toys to their rooms and put them away

Living Room Organization Hacks

  • Trunks and baskets are great at hiding clutter
  • Use baskets for magazines, pet toys, and lose papers
  • Maximize a small space by putting a mirror opposite the view you want to reflect. Placing a mirror opposite a window will add natural light to a small space.


Don’t forget to grab your FREE clutter-free living room checklist! Check off the list as you go and have a clutter-free living room this weekend!

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28 thoughts on “How to Have a Clutter-Free Living Room Quickly”

  1. I’m doing another (seemingly never-ending) spring clean and declutter at the moment. Great tips, especially the point about the mirror to open up a room. I used one in my bedroom and I think that helped to make the face feel a bit bigger and brighter, too. Now if I can just stop moving things from one place to other, moving it from tabletop surface to stuffed in a draw, maybe I’ll get somewhere!!
    Great post – have a lovely weekend xx

    1. I know what you mean about endless cleaning! šŸ˜€ Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have fun cleaning and decluttering!

    1. Thank you! I think bins are great for keeping things organized. Plus with kids they can just throw everything right in the bin! šŸ™‚

  2. I certainly like all your tips for the various rooms, doesn’t seem to always work for me though, I keep rescuing stuff from the pile that should be tossed!šŸ˜‚. Actually, things are going fairly well, just a lot slower for me. One of the hardest things for me is keeping my table free of clutter! I use my antique basket collection for storage, looks good and saves space. Thanks for doing this series, very helpful.šŸ˜€

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