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EWomen Conference

This past weekend my mom and I attended the EWomen’s Conference. It is a two day conference with speakers and performers. Usually there is a mini concert on Friday night and the speakers are all day Saturday. This year the line-up was amazing! This year’s conference theme was Be Fearless. How extremely difficult that can be.

Friday night comedian Chonda Pierce performed. If you have never heard her then you need to go look her up right now! Go on. I’ll wait. She is a stand-up comedian, television hostess, and author. She will make you laugh and cry. She is absolutely hilarious! She had all 5,000 of us ladies cracking up Friday night. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I needed it!

After Chonda’s performance For King and Country put on a mini concert. They did an outstanding job! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it was. There were lights flashing, streamers falling, and 5,000 women screaming! Their new album Burn the Ships was released Friday so they gave all of us a free CD if we bought a $10 necklace. You better believe I waited in a very long line for that!

Joel even came up through the audience and walked right beside us! I told my mom to grab him but she wouldn’t do it.

They even played Little Drummer Boy, which was also amazing even if it was a Christmas song in October. Why not? Walmart already has the Christmas trees and decorations out.

Saturday was full of speakers. We got to see Jo Saxton, who had an amazing message about being fearless. Shelia Walsh also spoke about her father and her past experience with depression. I recently did her study In the Middle of the Mess. It was a very good study and I learned a lot about my own brokenness. Shelene Bryan was there as well. I read her book a while back and really enjoyed it. She has a great sense of humor! Lastly we heard from Ainsley Earhardt, who is a journalist for Fox News. She has a new book out and she also has written quite a few children’s books.

I got about four hours of sleep Friday night so Saturday I was so tired. However, it was worth it. Sunday was a day of rest (and working on chemo caps).

Have you ever attended an EWomen’s Conference or been to a Christian music concert? I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Amy

    How eventful! Thank you for the videos, great music!!

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you so much for reading!

  2. Chondra is hilarious!! I’m jealous you saw King & Country. They do put on an amazing live show 🙂

    Sounds like an awesome time you and your mom had. I’m glad 🙂

    1. Yes she is! For King and Country was amazing. I cannot wait to see another show by them.
      Thank you! 🙂

  3. That sounds fun! It’s nice to go to events like that and not think about anything else, be stress free for awhile.

    1. You are exactly right. And it was much needed!

  4. So wonderful to hear about your happy time! Let it continue

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time 😊 Good for you.

    1. I did! Thank you!!

  6. Michelle, you yourself had a great weekend. Hanging out with mom is always pleasant and peaceful. Wonderful conference!!

    1. It was an amazing weekend. Thank you!

  7. Chonda Pierce is awesome and For King and Country is so talented. Have you seen some of their YouTube videos where they are recording live and people are just walking around, switching up instruments? Way cool!

    1. Yes! I’ve been stalking their YouTube channel lately. 😀 It amazes me that they can play so many different instruments and keep singing right along!

  8. Just catching up on this one but that sounds like it was awesome! I love For King and Country and Chonda! Have you seen her movie on Netflix. I cried through a lot of it. Great post about it all! I really want to read Sheila Walsh’s book too.

    1. Yes I’ve seen her movie. I cried, too!! She has a way to make you laugh & cry at once. Sheila’s book is so good! You’ll love it. 🙂

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